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My name is Thomas and I have been running the German Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power (Zuflucht der Stillen Heilkraft) since 2019, after translating all 89 letters. The picture below shows the German logo, which is based on the original letters' header.


WEISHEIT (Wisdom) LIEBE (Love) HEILUNG (Healing)


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Murdo MacDonald-Bayne

00 Supreme Power Course (ca. 1933)

01 The Higher Power You Can Use (1938)

02 I am the Life (1946)

03 Heal Yourself (1947)

04 Spiritual and Mental Healing (1947)

05 What is Mine is Thine (two parts) (1948)

06 How to Relax and Revitalize Yourself (1952)

07 Divine Healing of Mind and Body (1953)*

08 Your Life Renewed Every Day (Benedictions) (1954)

09 Beyond the Himalayas (1954)*

10 The Yoga of the Christ (1955)*

Lectures, Published Posthumously:

11 Cosmic Consciousness / 7th Aug 1947 – 12th Oct 1948*

12 Life Everlasting / 19th Oct 1948 – 28th Jun 1949

13 Developing Your Faith / 2nd Aug 1949 – 4th Apr 1950

14 How to Relax and Revitalize Yourself / 11th Apr – 19th Dec 1950*

15 Life More Abundant / 6th Feb 1951 – 4th Dec 1951

16 The Word of Creation / 5th Feb 1952 – 24th Jun 1952**

17 The Secrets of the Science of Life / 5th Aug 1952 – 9th Dec 1952

18 Wisdom is the Fountain of Life / 3rd Feb 1953 – 23rd Jun 1953

19 The Spring of Living Water / 2nd Feb 1954 – 17th Jun 1954

20 Your Life Renewed Every Day (An extended version of 366 benedictions by Kenrick, 2014)**

+ 89 monthly Letters “The Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power* from July 1947 to February 1955 and at least six editions of the

magazine “The Voice” (1939-1940) in NewZealand

*Available in German Translation (updated: Summer 2022)

** Translation in progress



Cosmic Consciousness - Your Silent Partner

Volume 1/4


Lecture 02 DEATH IS NOT THE END (14th August 1947)

Lecture 03 (seemingly lost)

Lecture 04 THE PSYCHIC BODY OF JESUS (28th August 1947)


Lecture 06 (seemingly lost)

Lecture 07 EXPERIENCE IS ESSENTIAL TO YOUR FREEDOM (18th September 1947)





Volume 2/4

Lecture 01 THE SILENT HEALING POWER (3rd February 1948)

Lecture 02 THE ATTITUDE OF JESUS (10th February 1948)

Lecture 03 YOU DO NOT STRUGGLE WHEN YOU ARE FREE (17th February 1948)

Lecture 04 LIVING REALITY NEVER CHANGES (24th February 1948)

Lecture 05 WILL POWER (2nd March 1948)

Lecture 06 MATTER IS SPIRIT MANIFEST IN FORM (9th March 1948)

Lecture 07 REALITY IS UNITED IN THE “ONE” (16th March 1948)

Lecture 08 THE GARDEN OF THE SOUL OF MAN (23rd March 1948)

Lecture 09 THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL (30th March 1948)

Lecture 10 THE TREE OF LIFE (6th April 1948)

Volume 3/4


Lecture 02 EXPRESSING THE CREATIVE POWER (20th April 1948)

Lecture 03 THE FREE GIFT OF GOD (27th April 1948)

Lecture 04 THE WISE MEN OF THE EAST (4th May 1948)

Lecture 05 THE KEY TO KNOWLEDGE (11th May 1948)

Lecture 06 IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD (18th May 1948)

Lecture 07 MAN IS GOD MATERIALIZED! (25th May 1948)

Lecture 08 THE MEANING OF TERMS (1st June 1948)


Lecture 10 UNDERSTANDING THE LAW OF LIFE (15th June 1948)


Volume 4/4

Lecture 01 PRINCIPLE OF HEALING (10th August 1948)

Lecture 02 WE HEAL OURSELVES THROUGH THE TRUTH (17th August 1948)

Lecture 03 LIFE EVERLASTING (24th August 1948)

Lecture 04 THE CREATIVE PRINCIPLE (31st August 1948)


Lecture 06 INSPIRATION AND HOW IT CAN BE ACQUIRED (14th September 1948)

Lecture 07 BE A THINKER AND NOT AN IMITATOR (21st September 1948)

Lecture 08 DISCERN ALL THAT IS FALSE (28th September 1948)

Lecture 09 OUR SPIRITUAL INHERITANCE (5th October 1948)

Lecture 10 PURE THINKING FREE FROM PREJUDICES (12th October 1948)



French Translations

Pierre Cocheril from Le Havre (France) has translated at least 4 books by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne:

Aux Confins des Himalayas (Beyond the Himalayas) [2018]

Le Yoga du Christ (The Yoga of the Christ) [year?]

Le Cours des Maitres (The Higher Power You Can Use) [2020]

Je Suis la Vie (I am the Life) [2021]



How to Relax and Revitalize Yourself (online version by Kenrick)

Volume 1/3

Lecture 01 The Quality in Personality (no recording)

Lecture 02 The True Torch of Progress in our Human Relations

Lecture 03 Desire is a Living Force when used with Understanding

Lecture 04 The Subtle Power of Emotion

Lecture 05 Mine your Mind and Gain your Freedom

Lecture 06 Thought, Emotion and Sensation (no recording)

Lecture 07 Are we Hypnotised by our Emotions?

Lecture 08 If we are Hypnotised by our Emotions how can we be De-Hypnotised?

Lecture 09 Unearth your Emotional Habit-Patterns

Lecture 10 “The Wise shall inherit Glory”

Volume 2/3

Lecture 11 The 1st Step towards Divine Power

Lecture 12 The 2nd Step—Taking off the Brakes (no recording)

Lecture 13 The 3rd Step—Reviewing your Mental Make-up

Lecture 14 The 4th Step—The Transforming Power of the Breath

Lecture 15 The 5th Step—The Rejuvenating Power of Relaxation while you sleep

Lecture 16 The 6th Step—The part the mind plays in Relaxation

Lecture 17 The 7th Step—The practice of Relaxation in occupation breaks up occupational tensions

Lecture 18 The 8th Step—Conflict the cause of misbehaviour

Lecture 19 The 9th Step—Changing the “Don’t Do” Cells into “Yes Do” Cells in the brain

Lecture 20 The 10th Step—Applying the complete technique of Scientific Relaxation

Volume 3/3

Lecture 21 Death and Life are in the Power of the Tongue

Lecture 22 “Whatsoever I have done unto the least of them so have I done unto Thee”

Lecture 23 “He shall call upon Me and I will answer Him”

Lecture 24 Occupational Therapy in its finest form

Lecture 25 Occupational Therapy means action now and in the Right Direction

Lecture 26 Jesus taught modern Medicine and Occupational Therapy

Lecture 27 In our Daily Living we feel Separation because we fail to Co-Operate

Lecture 28 “The Infinite has made me to Be”

Lecture 29 “Awake them that Sleepth, arise from the Dead”

Lecture 30 The Key—How to Use your Mind to solve your Problems (no recording)




[listen to recording]

It is very important that these lectures remain closed for this series. Quite a number of people have been seeking admission and we have been instrumental in their being refused because of the nature of these lectures. We have admitted on special occasions a few of your friends but even this should not be encouraged.

*It is necessary that you take note of what I am saying, and I will deal with this further on in the lecture. The reason why is very important to us at this time.

The Spiritual Forces are building up a certain power-substance that can be transported to any part of the world through ether and they are taking this power-substance from the atmosphere around you, while these lectures are proceeding. There is great work being done in your midst of which you are mostly unaware of, although you are taking a very active part in it. We also ask that you make every effort to attend, even if you have other engagements, you should remember that this work comes first.

It is very important that we maintain the certain vibration that is necessary because we have built up here an ectoplasmic power. This power is sustained by your effort. Each and everyone of you have been selected, don’t think that you come here just because you come here. There are Spiritual influences bearing upon you. We find that as you come here each evening, you build up certain vibrations. The ectoplasmic substance, that is, a substance that is magnetic in its nature. It is a substance between the ethereal world in which we exist and the physical world in which you exist. It is a substance in between the two that we can use for material existing conditions within your world, as well, as we use it to transport it across ether so they can heal others. Not only that but we have at the present time many Spiritual beings who are trying to get in contact with some of the greatest of our leaders in the world today. I tell you this, in your world and our world we are trying to bring together these leaders so that we can manifest almost in their midst. At least we can to a great extent use this ectoplasmic substance that is gathered from this room, so that we can make them hear us. The voice maybe inaudible at first, but by our practice we are able to enter into their minds and bring them to a form of sanity.

This is very important at this time in your world condition. It is very necessary, I say, that you make every effort to attend because it is necessary that we obtain the proper substance to carry out our work.

Do not think that you are just listening to a lecture. Remember that we are using you.

People now scorn at us who lived two thousand years ago, when we worshipped the sun. But let me tell you, we did not worship the sun, we worshipped the Life, and we knew that the Life was in the sun as well as in ourselves. We knew that this Life was mediated to us from the sun, where our parents existed, where our Spiritual parents existed, as your Spiritual parents also exist. So do not misjudge when you read something about the ancient Magi, when they used to worship the sun. The Sun-worshippers.

The Spiritual Forces have taken control of these meetings for this series, and as the conditions of the world at present warrant it. And each night one of the many Ascended Masters will address you in some cases through telepathic communication. Many bands of Spiritual workers are working in different parts of the world in conjunction with us here.

Everyone of you can become inspired and it is for this purpose that you have been drawn here not entirely by your own desire but by those who love you and are near to you in Spirit.

You should cultivate the gift of inspiration for it is of the utmost importance. It is the pathway of all true knowledge and the great people of the world have used it. Without it the scientist could not reach that which he could not see at the moment. The philosopher uses inspiration to reveal the truth to others and as a true guide to him or herself. The great mystics of the world were in touch with the higher Spiritual Forces through the channel of inspiration. The great Master Jesus whom we reverence, just as much as you do on earth, was the greatest exponent of the inspirational expression. It is the gateway to the unexplored regions of the Universe and it is the avenue through which all that is not yet known will come.

Inspiration means that you open yourself to the great Spiritual Forces. That you aspire and as you aspire you begin to assimilate, and when you begin to assimilate then you begin to express what you assimilate.

But inspiration comes through telepathic communication to a great extent from those around you. Inspiration can also be obtained through elevating your mind. Elevating your mind to Spiritual things. Prayer is a form of inspiration. You open yourselves to inspiration when you pray deeply. What I mean, pray deeply, is when you begin to know what you are praying to.

If you are unaware of the fact that you are the living expression of the Almighty, and He created you for the purpose through He Himself can manifest Himself. If you are unaware of that then your prayers do not bring you true inspiration.

True inspiration is brought to you through the recognition of your unity. Your oneness with this great and mighty Power of the Universe. To become aware of this enables you to manifest that power and to establish it in yourselves.

Inspiration comes through the understanding that the Infinite Life is in yourselves and as you open yourself to the whole of that Life it begins to reveal its secrets to you. At first many thoughts will come into your mind, some of these from the atmosphere around you, thoughts that are seeking an expression in action, but you should be selective in your acceptance until you gain experience in separating that which is true from that which is not true. Perhaps I have put this in too few words for you to understand fully at once, yet only by your own experience will you learn not by what I can tell you. A mite of experience is worth a great deal of teaching. At the same I will make this more clear to you.

Separating the true from the false. How then can you know that which is true and that which is false? Anything that separates man from man is a falsehood. Anything that separates one human being from another is a lie.

There are many beliefs in the world and many types of people and many races. There is the one Life that is in them all and that one Life exists Eternally, and is expressing Itself through the Individualised Creation which Itself created for the purpose.

It is ignorance that causes all the misery in the world through beliefs. We were called the Sun-worshippers. You, many of you are called Christian. Some of you were born Jewish. Some of you maybe have attended the Catholic Church. Others the Protestant Church and other denominations. You all have your different beliefs that separate you from one another. But now, thank God, that you are separated no-longer. You are one complete family used by the Spiritual Forces to help the whole world. So that we can unite and bring together certain forces that can bring peace to the world. You, then in your understanding that all beliefs that separate man from man is a lie. If you can realise that then you will see what is false and you will know what is true.

There are certain forms of inspiration and we will discuss them briefly.

In the first place we can be inspired by others in our midst by their courage, action and words and when we think of them we can be inspired by their thoughts. This is more or less common to you in your plane of action and more so than you imagine.

You are to a great extent influenced by people around you. A man who makes a success in the world; you look to him, you admire him, sometimes you don’t, sometimes you would like to have his characteristics, or you would like to have his money, or you would like to have his position. You aspire to these things. That is a form of inspiration that takes place in your own plane of existence because it deals with the material.

But if you will remember, that the material is but the expression of the Spiritual. The Spiritual is the foundation of all physical matter and physical exertion of any kind. This spirit who is inhabiting the body may be ignorant of the fact. But he may have a will and a power whereby he can with driving force, he can force himself above his fellow man. But then he has a great responsibility.

It is not success that is measured by what you can gain is true inspiration upon this plane or any other plane. True inspiration is by understanding that Spirit alone has power to create. And when that power becomes aware, the Spirit then becomes the Spirit of being. That power becomes magnificent. The driving force. The Magi used it two thousand years ago so they use it today. The same power does exist as it did two thousand years ago.

Opinions have a suggestive influence upon you, that is why you should be more selective in your acceptance of what others say. Reflective consideration should be negative, a sort of doorkeeper to scrutinize words or sayings that are ready made and suitably coated to appeal to your desires and cravings. In this way groups, parties and nations that should be friends are turned into enemies. Because of a lack of truth. It is Spiritual knowledge that will save the world and this is our task to help you to help yourselves and to help others, and those others will help others.

Do you know that we are on the brink of a cataclysm. Do you know that the Spiritual Forces are using all their influence’s to bring about a better understanding. We know perfectly well that we have studied in the past and St. Anthony the Great of Alexandria [1] told you last week, of the influence of this planet (the sun) affecting the earth. That is perfectly true.

The sun is the centre of this Universe of ours but we live in it just as well as you live in it. Perhaps you think you are the only living beings on it. Very often it looks like it, but I assure you, you are not.

The sun is the centre of this Universe of ours. From this sun then was created the planets which surround the sun. Each Planet having a certain vibration, created for a specific purpose, by the Great Artificers of the Universe knowing exactly what they were doing.

Each and every planet moves perfectly in rhythm. Every planet will be at its proper place, yes, two thousand years from now. You could calculate where its position would be if you knew how to do it.

It was the Ancients that knew, the Magi, who were past masters in the art of delineation of the influence of the Planets. It was not a star that was in the heavens that was seen when Jesus was born, but is was a particular formation of the Planets when they appeared in the sign of Pisces, shortly after the sun had left Capricorn.

The influences of these Planets we knew perfectly well because we could measure round the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. We could measure what an influence would be. We could tell you; what town, what place, what country that influence would bear upon. So expert were we in the delineation. This wisdom and knowledge was not only acquired by diligent studies at that time, but it was acquired through communication with higher Spiritual Forces who gave us the information or gave us the key so we could work out these things for ourselves.

Every Planet has a certain vibration. Mars has a vibration of—expansion, destruction, fire. Saturn has a vibration of—cohesiveness, closing in, consolidation. When these two planets are opposing each other. There is in one an expansion and the one other is a consolidating influence. According to the position that these planets are in it creates a vibration of breaking up. One is closing in and the other is expanding. These are brought about for the perfect thing to influence the mind of man. Because only through these influences can your mind be affected, and when you feel those influences you know perfectly well that they are established for your own benefit, your own evolution. Then when you understand these influences, you know what they are, you will rise above them because the Spirit is all-powerful. But to understand Him and you know the reason why, can the world today yet rise above those influences that affect his mind or the mind of the people for a specific purpose. Can the consciousness of mankind be raised sufficiently to see beyond and yet grasp the wonderful truth of the great Creative Spirit that exists in each one of you. Think it out for yourselves.

There is also a form of inspiration where we can open ourselves to that inward spirit and will reveal to us a Truth that I have told you this evening. That the one Life the one God that is expressing Itself and Himself in everyone.

A cause begun, continuously sets up secondary causes and effects that influence all over the world. It will come to pass in not too far distant future that anyone who does not understand Spiritual worth inspired with high ideals will not be allowed to hold any public or important position in the life of the community. For only by those who are so gifted can there be true inspiration for all.

There is also a form of inspiration where the mind of the individual is elevated that it can attract thoughts from the higher Spiritual planes and many of these thoughts have not yet been expressed in your physical plane. These thoughts are waiting to find a channel through which they can be expressed. When you are listening to these lectures your mind is in such a state to attract these wonderful thoughts. Many of you have experienced a thought that seemed too mighty and grand that it only stayed with you for a moment. This is because you did not sustain your vibrations on that level long enough to make this thought your own.

There are times when you are meditating. There are times now when you feel this tremendous force, that power, that is manifesting all the time. There is then a period when you are sitting here that you get a glimpse of the most glorious thing that you ever could imagine, yet, you can not sustain it longer.

There are times in your own home when you are quiet, you may be reading a book of truth, reading one of those lectures. Then for a moment the thought enters your mind. So mighty is the thought then it envelopes you completely, for a moment, you are spellbound. You have grasped Infinity only for a moment. It dies away. Nevertheless even if it has died away it has left something, that will support you throughout eternity.

There are also groups of holy ones—what I mean by holy ones is not a form of sanctimonious piety in adoration of one’s own goodness. There are those who Paul said were asleep in Christ but have not yet awakened. It is those who have awakened in the Christ consciousness that are healing in our realm and will be in your realm also when you are truly inspired.

Take the mote out of your own eye before you can see how to take the beam out of your brothers eye.”

These holy ones, are ones, who have left the earth like ourselves. I am talking to you now here and I am just as I was then except that I know more as you will know more also. I tell you there is no death.

These groups of souls once men and women in the physical plane meet together for the purpose of directing the spiritual Power, Wisdom and Love and knowledge mediated from a higher plane to them, this is then passed on to an individual on earth, sometimes through an intermediary that overshadows the individual so prepared for this work. It has taken a lifetime to prepare this instrument and although well up in years, he is kept young by the Spiritual Forces around him. He is inspired in everything he does, where he must go and what he must say. Of course, this does not continue 24-hours of the day but all the time he is healing and teaching he is under the power of the Spirit. This form of inspiration is called telepathic inspiration and sometimes it is transfiguration, that is a more impressive state, a state where the impressions are more defined. Where the overshadowing Master or Ascended Master has taken to a great extent more control of the mind and can see through the mind of the individual.

It is not a form of, what we call, deep trance control when the body is given over, that is not the case. Because of the individual. Because this instrument I am using. The brother who uses this body is able also to leave it at will. Takes his departure, yet we use the mind. We can sustain it and he is rent into it by a form of thread, an ectoplasmic thread if you like to call it, and he can if he wishes push us out at any moment. We have no control over the body or the brain. It is by his will, his cooperation and our cooperation that these lectures are being given to you.

Great and mighty Beings higher than we have detailed us to work through our beloved brother here and it is from these higher Beings this knowledge is being mediated. Yet these mighty Beings were once inhabitants on a physical plane but have now so advanced that they merge in with the Cosmic Ray and control and direct them in accordance with the decrees of even higher Beings of the Cosmos. If you can grasp what we are saying, not that you can fully understand all yet, this will be your progress in the Cosmos to open up to this inspiration so that this Power, Love and Wisdom will raise your consciousness to the higher levels.

Life flows forth from the Great Fountain, through Great Beings of the Cosmos, that are responsible for the organisation of suns and Planets. This Power is mediated to other Beings, till such time as it becomes sufficiently transformed in its nature, so that it can inhabit a body on the physical plane.

It is the same Life that left the source of its own power alone from the head. It is the same Life, the only difference, the degree of that Life that exists now in the physical. It is the same Life, the same Consciousness. That is why that this Power is mediated. This Power is transformed through the various stages of what we will say, ethereal layers, in which the Universe is built from.

To say that Life does not exist in our sun or in any other sun is to deny the omnipresence of the Infinite Life. It is the same Life in you and in us that exists in the Sun Angels, the only difference is the degree in the power of that Life. In your own world you have transformers that reduce the power through various transformers after it leaves the generating station so that when it reaches you you can use it, but it is the same power, the only difference is in the degree of that power.

In our intermediary planes, the ether is of different densities, in the various planes. These planes are the transformers of this Life Power, which is reduced in its intensity. If the Life at the stage it leaves the Sun, would then enter into your bodies they would fly apart. The atomic rate of your bodies would not be suitable or could not absorb the energy of that Life. Therefore it would raise your body so high that it would disappear into ether. The consolidated form of the body would no longer exist.

The Infinite Life is mediated through the Beings on these planes until it reaches you, suitable for you as an individualised Spirit or Life to live where you are. When you leave your earthly body you have a greater expansion of that same Life, you, you have more power, more Love, more wisdom more of everything and you will help those you love, inspiring them in their work on earth just as you were inspired and helped but did not know it when you contemplated or raised your consciousness so that you could be helped.

As you open yourselves to the wholeness of Spirit by becoming aware that you are Spirit and cannot be different from the totality of all Spirit or Infinite Life, this may be a more explicit way of expressing what I mean, this Spirit then being yourself, your livingness, your consciousness, your reality. You desire communion between the inner and the outer. You desire that the inner shall express itself in the outer. Immediately you aspire to this you open the channel from the inner to the outer so that that which is within, the all-powerful intelligent Life will begin to express Itself through the instrument It created for that purpose. The Christ spoke through Jesus, you all believe this, yet you cannot reconcile the fact that that same power is manifesting now here in your midst. It seems too big too afar off to you. It could happen two thousand years ago but it is impossible for it to happen now, you think. But it is the same Christ that is living now, as it was then, it is the same Christ that is living in us all. He is the only begotten Son of God, the Christ that lives in every living soul. The Master said “He who does the will of my Father is my mother, my sister, my brother” and in other words he who will open himself to this same power that I express will do likewise and greater things shall he do. It is the one Life, “Infinite Life” mediated as the Christ Life in mankind, to understand this and realise it and aspire to it brings true inspiration.

Jesus, as I knew him, was not a man of sorrow. He is a man that was happy and joyful. He felt the power of the Spirit. As a boy he inherited from his mother a tremendous Spiritual power. As he and many other people were created for a specific purpose so was he created for a specific purpose.

You ask this beloved brother, after I have gone, what was told to him in the Himalayas and he will tell you. He was a man of joyful laughter. A powerful individual. He was scathing in his remarks. Denounced the stupidity of the ignorant who believed in death. He feared no one. He was above reproach. He could not be bribed. He was a man like yourselves, manifesting the Christ Spirit.

This is the power sought by all adepts and masters. Jesus manifested the same power “I and the Father are one.”

The method of communication we are using now is to impress you more deeply in regard to what is said. Although our beloved brother here is being used by us he himself acquired the robe of adeptship when he sojourned in the Himalayas. Not that he could not advance through his ordinary experiences to make him worthy of being selected for this work, but the Spiritual Forces can much more easily make contact through those who live in that atmosphere of daily reverence to the Eternal, away from the turmoil of world affairs, and some of his experiences he has already related to you. We will in the near future inspire him to write a book on his experiences for world distribution so that all shall be able to read the truth of such things.

It is not difficult for us to appear, come here, and speak to you. But it would be utterly impossible for us to speak to you in the Town Hall filled there with a motley crowd of people; some ignorant of the truth completely, others have a little of the truth, and some perhaps know the truth. We could not speak to such a crowd for the simple reason that the vibrations would not allow it. Do you know that your vibrations have been risen? You raise your vibrations, they are risen when you come into this room. When you sat in this room this evening, before this lecture commenced, you felt the power moving through you. Some of you perhaps did not but most of you did. That was preparation. I wish that you could see what is around you.

When you desire inspiration desire the highest, the best, and no matter what channel it comes through there is always an eternal unity at the root. No matter what method used ask God the Father and you will find inspiration, the Source being eternal and Ever-present. This inspiration does not come through a negative form of meditation but through an active form of meditation that is ever active, yet it is perfect silence. The consciousness must be one-pointed and not wandering, the consciousness is the point through which all knowledge will come and the consciousness can grasp it when it is “poised.”

When it is “poised.” Did you know what “poised” consciousness means. Consciousness that is ready and poised. Moment. Action. There is nothing mysterious about it, you are all capable of doing it. The fact is, you have never really tried.

You must not put your dependence upon any individual, depend upon the Almighty alone, we can help you more when you do this, than if you put your dependence upon us, for we are but the channels through which the Infinite Life is mediated to you. We can influence you, and others on your behalf, we can apply the healing power which we do to all who come for treatment or ask for help. We are by no means idling our time away by singing hymns and playing harps.

The Universe is an Infinite organisation with a perfect scheme in operation and we are fulfilling our part just as you are fulfilling yours and through your experiences you learn. No matter in which capacity you are engaged, you are in your right place for the moment, when the time comes you will be taken out of it. You are just as important to God and perhaps more so than many others who are ignorant of this truth.

You must not rebel against your circumstances and conditions. If you do you will still maintain them. What happens to you? You create a certain vibration around you. When by rebelling then you do not rebel the vibrations but you increase the intensity of it.

If you can understand what I mean now you will be able to accept those conditions and raise your consciousness beyond them. Then you will bring into operation, you will be ready for the next step. As long as you rebel against your conditions, you will not be ready. Jesus said to you, “Resist not evil.”

You think that your desire for action is all your own, but it is not so. The only thing that hinders you, is when you mistake the shadow for the substance. Work for work’s sake not so much what you can get out of it from the material side. Work for the love of working. In this way your inspiration will increase even if your work is sometimes tiresome to you. There is a power when you are ready and it will put you in another place only to gain more experience. Earthly desires are your own, see that they do not over-shadow the real: “If ye believe ye have received so shall ye have.”

Yes, many of you, a lot of you want things. It is not wrong to want things. We all did when we lived upon earth and everyone will do so. There is no getting away from the fact, that’s a Truth. It is good that you should want things too because it gives you the incentive to gain more experience in this world.

But there are certain ways, that when you do want things, how to get them. It is not the continually wanting them, with a mind in that state of want. The mind must be in a state of plenty to attract plenty. “You must believe you have received and ye shall have.” When you desire anything it is created in the Spiritual Plane. You think in God as God thinks in you. You think in Spirit. Remember that you create in Spirit. Do not destroy your creation by stupidity, lack of understanding of the law. But also remember, do not mistake the substance for the shadow or the shadow for the substance.

This reveals to you the fact that there is an active and passive phase of the Universal Mind, otherwise a non-self-Conscious Life which responds to the Self-Conscious Life and produces the visible Universe by acting upon the invisible, the Intelligence moulding the substance into form which leads us to the inevitable conclusion that the visible existing Universe in which you live and in which we live is the same Universe and substance, the only difference is the vibration of that substance. To us there is also a visible substance although invisible to you and is to us just as solid as your world is to you. The only difference is that the vibrations are higher and our movements are accordingly increased. Nevertheless we are the same beings that existed upon earth. This is all the direct result of the Infinite Conscious Life acting through His unbounded sea of manifested Mind.

Yes, we do not know everything but we know a great deal more that you do. We cannot answer every question but we can reason with you and show you the ultimate. We cannot tell you what God is. But we will make you understand that He lives in you and Is the only Living Being. We can channel your minds in the direction that you go. We can give you courage and strength. We can make you fearless, even of death itself.

When the secrets of matter are grasped by all, that matter is like a number of rooms with nothing in them, nevertheless in these rooms are moving particles of energy revolving round the rooms at a colossal speed. For example, watch a fly fly round the room then you can grasp what these particles of energy are like, except they are invisible to the eye and revolve at millions of times the speed of a fly. It is these particles of energy that support the room in which you move, the walls are the circumference of the eddy or whirlpool which the particle creates, that is why we can see you but you cannot see us unless under certain circumstances which are created with our co-operation. So remember you are living in the eternal Infinite Mind. Forms change and dissolve but the consciousness transcends all form and animates all form throughout boundless space.

To see this and realise your oneness with it will open up the channels to that inspiration that will lead you to understand what Paul said, “We are confident, I say and willing rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.” 2 Cor. 5: 8.

“He that overcometh shall inherit all things and I will be his God and he shall be my son.” Rev. 21: 7.

Now, we will tune into the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power.

(Short silence)

Great and Mighty Eternal Spirit. Thou art the only Living Being there is. We live because of Thy Life in us. We are expressing Thy Love, Wisdom and Healing, so that all may benefit thereby.


(Recording ends)

* The Italic verbatim text is taken from the actual original wire sound recording of “Inspiration and How it can be Acquired” as it was first given in the Auditorium at Escom House in Johannesburg on Thursday 26th August 1948. What is of particular interest about this recording, is firstly, it is the oldest known surviving recording, and secondly, it was given two weeks before the start of the famous “Divine Healing of Mind and Body” series. Thirdly, and most importantly, it is an example of Murdo being overshadowed by an Ascended Master, in this case, one of the Egyptian Magi. Most notable is the change in Murdo’s voice and also, out of character for him, is the constant walking to and fro across the stage away from the microphone. (It is to be noted that no sound recording exists of the Pretoria Lecture 14th September 1948).

[1] Saint Anthony the Great (251-356). Also known as: St. Anthony of Alexandria, of Egypt, of the Desert, The Anchorite, and the Father of All Monks (founder of monasticism). Born in Egypt to wealthy parents. At the age of 24, gave away his inheritance to the poor and needy and became one of the first Christian ascetics to attempt living a proper monastic life in the desert.



Sanctuary Letters

01/89: 1947 Jul - Initial Letter of 14th July (no title)

02/89: 1947 Nov - (no title)

03/89: 1947 Dec - (no title)

04/89: 1948 Jan - (no title)

05/89: 1948 Feb - (no title)

06/89: 1948 Mar - (no title)

07/89: 1948 Apr - (no title)

08/89: 1948 May - (no title)

09/89: 1948 Jun - (no title)

10/89: 1948 Jul - (no title)

11/89: 1948 Aug - (no title)

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13/89: 1948 Oct - (no title)


15/89: 1948 Dec - NEW YEAR MESSAGE (Time passes on, but “I AM” Ever-present and Timeless)





20/89: 1949 May - “DO NOT LIMIT THE UNLIMITED”




24/89: 1949 Sep - THE KINGDOM OF LOVE



27/89: 1949 Dec - (no title)

28/89: 1950 Jan - MAKING ALL THINGS NEW





32/89: 1950 May - EXPANDING YOUR FAITH

33/89: 1950 Jun - THE WAY TO FREEDOM

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39/89: 1950 Dec - (no title)



42/89: 1951 Mar - THE GREAT DISCOVERY


44/89: 1951 May - “BE YE DOERS OF THE WORD”

45/89: 1951 Jun - “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE”


47/89: 1951 Aug - THE DEVIL

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68/89: 1953 May - WHAT IS AWARENESS?



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78/89: 1954 Mar - THY WILL NOT MINE





82/89: 1954 Jul - WHY DO WE STRUGGLE?




86/89: 1954 Nov - TRUTH IS AND IS NOW






Sanctuary Letter 01/89: 1947 Jul - Initial Letter of 14th July (no title)

Today more so than ever before does the world need our help through “Prayer,” not the ordinary form of prayer you hear on all sides, but the real expression of the Love and Wisdom that is being continually mediated to us from the Spiritual Heart of the Universe.

In the past this has been disregarded because it has not been understood, today we are approaching the most decisive events the world has ever known.

Man’s own thoughts and emotions are about to be reverted back to him. The atmosphere surrounding us is filled with fear, hate and possessiveness bred in every form of occupation. Not only are the nations turned against each other, but every individual is full of antagonism. These thoughts and emotions are continually influencing everyone who is ignorant of the fact. Sickness is on the incline instead of the decline. There are more hospitals now than ever before and still there is not enough, no matter how many are built they are filled over night. Mankind is virtually committing suicide. The great question is: Is there any hope? And the answer is, “Yes, there is hope and help is at hand.”

This separation in the mind of man is surely coming to an end. There is a specific current of Divine Life in the form of Love, Wisdom and Healing Power flowing from the Great Supreme Fountain of Life itself through the Majestic Angels of our Sun World. This outflow is now asserting its presence upon the earth. This Life Current of Healing is charged with knowledge and understanding heralding in the new coming age.

For the first time in human history Solar Angels are in direct communication with our earth plane. This influx of the Christ Power will awaken the consciousness of man to the Love and Wisdom and Healing Power waiting to serve him.

Our old system of thought will be discarded and the Angelic Consciousness in man will unfold to reveal the existence of the Eternal Ever-present Infinite Life immanent in mankind, dissolving all separateness, all antagonisms, hates and possessiveness which is the root of all sickness in mankind—the Temple of the Living God. A great Angelic Spiritual Centre is now beginning to express to the world a Spiritual Essence of thought vibration and upliftment and Silent Healing Power, the rays of which cover the earth.

Mighty work is about to be done in your midst and you can take part in it. The Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power has been set up for this purpose.

This healing essence can be felt as it is received and expressed out again. The sick have been healed, the unhappy have been uplifted and all needs have been supplied.

Special times are necessary for receiving this wonderful power in conjunction with the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power. Special help is given to those who ask for it, those in sickness, distress, unhappiness and want, doubt and confusion of mind. All in need can apply for this help which is given freely.

Help us to charge the atmosphere with this power of Love, Wisdom and Healing and soon all adverse influences will begin to dissolve away.

The Sanctuary intends sending out a monthly letter of help which will act as a guide to your life, health and happiness and will give you a review of the work accomplished.

Write for full particulars of how to act in conjunction with this centre. The world needs your help through your co-operation with the Mighty Angelic Forces now waiting to assist Mankind through you. This service is free to all through the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power.


PARTICULARS (How to tune into the Sanctuary)

I am very glad to hear from you regarding the first Circular Letter with reference to the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power, and to know that you are eager to take part in this great and grand work for humanity. It will give you great satisfaction to know that by this means you are doing more for humanity than you could ever do in any other way whatsoever.

You will be pleased to know that Sanctuaries of the Silent Healing Power have been established all over the world, in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and in the Mighty Himalayas, Great Britain, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy and other European Countries including Russia. All over the earth these Sanctuaries will be working in conjunction.

Above the Mighty Himalayas there has always been a mighty Spiritual centre of which the physical world has never heard. Masters are in direct communication with this Mighty Power for the upliftment of mankind.

I myself, when in the Himalayas with the Masters, made contact with these great Angelic Forces (call it the Christ Power if you wish, for that is what it is.) Others call it by other names but it is the one great Infinite Light and Love that surrounds the earth being directly mediated to earth through the medium of the Solar Angels. This one Power is linked up in every living soul on earth and is the only Source of our being though few are aware of it. By our conscious awareness of it we open ourselves to it and by our acceptance of it, it expresses itself through us, we become God’s channel for the unfoldment of this Angelic Power latent in all.

God is the only living Being there is and you live because He lives silently within you and becomes active in your life immediately you become aware of Him.

The atmosphere surrounding the earth, as I explained in my communication to you, is permeated with the thoughts of mankind, thoughts of sickness, hate, jealousy, and antagonism between individuals, groups and nations.

Ignorant man is continuously reacting to this thought atmosphere and by doing so not only adds to it but is drawing these conditions upon himself or herself according to the attitude of mind they hold, creating more misery for themselves and others.

Fear rules the heart of most men and women, everyone is afraid of something and few trust each other. Confidence has disappeared and mankind is divided against itself. Although we are all linked up in the great Angelic Stream of Life which is Love, Wisdom and Healing, yet the mind of man is not receptive to it because he has never felt it or become aware of it, being ruled by the emotion of fear and by other influences that surround him, but our work will definitely help to change all this.

Now let me explain to you the state required so that you can join in the receiving and expressing of this Mighty Force that will revolutionize the thinking of mankind.

I. The mind must be free from disturbances, steady, light and glad, open to this Power that will free the Life in all its beauty and loftiness. This will become more evident to you as you tune in at the specific times advised in this communication.

II. You must endeavour to get rid of the habit of the invasion of troubling thoughts, wrong feelings such as envy, jealousy, anger, reaction to things, people, circumstances and the confusion of ideas about the various religions, philosophies and systems that cling to the mind.

III. You must not struggle with these things, for you will note that this makes things worse and as you discern deeply you will see that these things matter little because they are relative to you and have no power except the power you give them, for Life (Love and Wisdom) is free and natural and is not affected by any of these things or conditions and it is with this Life alone we are concerned and nothing else, It being the only Reality.

If you struggle with thoughts and wrong movements that come to you from outside you make them your own and this only further disturbs the nature and makes it more difficult for the Force to work.

IV. To be a real help in the expression of this Divine Power your mind must be quiet and at peace so that the Force can be received and expressed in its true nature—Love and Wisdom.

V. You will observe that these instructions supersede all other systems or studies of the past, even the studies of the art of the mind does not compare with it, neither can you compare it with any form of meditation you have tried. Neither is it that vacant state of mind that most people engage in for this allows the mind to open to all the influences of the thought atmosphere that surrounds you. It does not matter to what religion or sect you belong, it is this one Power that acts though all even if most people are blind to it.

To be a real channel you must study these instructions and try to grasp their full and deeper meaning.

The state required is a state of awareness, alertness, with the mind calm so that nothing can disturb it. The mind is then not ruffled or agitated; if activities come from outside there is no reaction to them and these pass across the mind leaving no trace, as I explained in one of my lectures, like a flight of birds crossing a windless sky. Even if the most violent events take place outside there remains that indestructible peace, that peace that passes all understanding, that peace of the Christ within. In this state you will be in tune with that Angelic Power of Love, Wisdom and Healing and you will be of real service to the world.

VI. You must not try to give this Angelic Power a mental form nor add anything to it but remain calm, composed, unexcited, impersonal. It certainly means not only a presence but “THE PRESENCE.” You need not try to define it or turn it into an image of The Presence for this Presence in its nature is “Infinite.” What It has to manifest of Itself or out of Itself It will do inevitably by Its own power when there is a sustained acceptance by you. Many will feel the thrill of the Mighty Power pouring through them and this of itself is ample reward for it leaves its Presence with you. It is impossible to imagine the great benefits you yourselves will derive for it fulfils every personal need as well.

VII. Now let me explain to you the times when you can take part in the broadcasting of this Angelic Power for the benefit of all mankind.

The most positive time of the day is 12 o’clock noon when the sun is at its meridian and every three hours afterwards are suitable times, such as 12 noon, 3 p.m., 6 p.m., 9 p.m., 12 midnight, 3 a.m., 6 a.m., 9 a.m., and so round the clock daily. It is not necessary for you to engage in all these times, the times most suitable to you for a few minutes wherever you may be is all that is necessary. This is also the time for all throughout the world. You will note that as the earth revolves and as the work will cover the whole earth, there will be a continual flow of the Divine Power moving round the world. There will be no time when this Love and Wisdom will not be dissolving away the chaotic atmosphere created by mankind. At the same time mankind will receive the Angelic Power in his or her own heart and mind to make it his or her own. Thus your work will be the greatest blessing that has ever been offered to the world, for the Christ can live again in the hearts of man and woman.

As this message has been given to me so it is passed on to you.

May this Love and Wisdom of our Glorious, Indescribable, Adorable Loving Father-Mother-God and the Light of His Mighty Angels surround you in your great and glorious work.



Our Father-Mother-God, we are all Thy children. We are seeking our way back to our Source, the one Abode of Light. Show us the one Highway of common realization to where all byepaths must eventually lead.

All religions are but branches of the One Tree of Truth, some yet unaware of the One Life within that Tree, which is the only Reality. Help all to see this Life.

In the one Temple of Silence the chorus of many religions is heard by Thee, yet their differences serve to separate us from each other.

Teach us to chant in that one harmony of Love so that the melody of all Souls shall sing as one with Universal understanding of the one Life and Immortality.



Lecture 05 Mine your Mind and Gain your Freedom (HTR)

[listen to recording]

[00.00] Mine your mind and gain your freedom. Tonight I am going to ask you this question: Do you think that your mind affects your health? Many know that it does. Although you have heard so much about it, it still remains parrot-talk. I want you to know why it affects your bodily health. In this lecture I am going to show you how your mind affects your body, and in simple language I am going to explain to you the scientific facts underlying this great subject.

[00.45] In Amos 5: verse 10 it reads, “A man runs from a lion and a bear springs at him; he hides indoors, and, rest his hand on the wall, and a serpent bites him—” Is this not the state of man’s mind, rushing from one thing he runs into another, because he has not yet discerned the way to overcome all things.

[01.17] Here we see clearly how one person may run from one thing to another. They worry about this they worry about that. If then something troubles them something else troubles them. If we fear something we are sure to fear something else. Fear is often the basic principle underlying all our troubles.

[01.51] If we can realise then how to discern what we are doing then we will be able to overcome. We will not be like the man that runs from a lion and a bear springs at him and he hides indoors and rests his hand on the wall, a serpent bites him. We will be free from all these things and that is knowing how.

[02.23] Neurotic or mental troubles are generally called imaginary illnesses. Those who do not suffer from them assume them to be imaginary and the effects that appear are so-called imaginary. But these troubles are very real to the person who suffers from them, and it is necessary to understand how they come about otherwise there can be no cure for the sufferer.

[02.58] How many people have been told, yes, by your physician, “Oh it is just your mind, it’s just imagination, run-away home it will be all right.” But when you run away home. You are like the man that runs from a lion and a bear springs at you, you’re not cured. You are still troubled from your condition and there is no use of saying, “It’s just imaginary, it’s your imagination.” That does not cure you because you are caught up in your nervous system. Your brain becomes affected because it has a misbehaviour which takes place in the cerebellum, out-picturing itself on your body in some way or another.

[03.56] Now the man himself is invisible. You’ve never seen a man or you’ve never seen a woman. You have only seen the outside form. The material form is the focal point through which the invisible man and invisible woman functions.

[04.20] Jesus said, “What have you come out to see? A man?” Knowing perfectly well that nobody could see a real man. Therefore, the man is invisible. In his mind lies most of his troubles. His consciousness is caught up in his reactions to this and to that and consequently the form, that is the outer form, becomes affected. Then the outer form being affected talks back to the mind and because it talks back to the mind then you are caught up in it. Therefore, you may say it is imaginary but that doesn’t heal you, that does not cure you. It is necessary for us to understand what is taking place before you really get rid of these troubles. In this Course and the one to follow we will find the ways and means how this is done.

[05.28] The trouble is an illness where our imagination has its home, and this is the nervous system. It is caused more often than not by repression of negative thoughts and emotions in ignorance of what we are doing. We spoke about this in our last lesson.

[05.50] The first and foremost question I want to ask you is this: How do you react to your environment? What really are your thoughts and what are your emotions in regard to events, people and what effects do they have upon you?

[06.12] When we begin to discern these things we begin to break them up. We are not caught up in them because we begin to discern them. We begin to discern then the cause of most of our troubles. But that does not free us from them yet. There is what we call Divine reasoning and Understanding that comes into operation.

[06.45] There is positive and negative in everything. Positive and negative exists in the relative and must always exist in the relative and they are always desiring to come into contact with one another. That is why each person, each man, each woman is an unbalanced half and this unbalanced half is always endeavouring to unite with its other unbalanced half. When these two unbalanced halves come together then there is one whole and harmony is established.

[07.33] But don’t think that, as it were, that the sex question comes into that all the time. It is to a great extent companionship and vibration. You will see then how great it is to understand that the body is the vehicle through which you are functioning. The contacts which you make spiritually, mentally, and physically are designed according to you, how you are made up. How God has prepared you, how he has made you in his own image and likeness in the relative world. Therefore, in the relative world there is always these positives and negatives and always will exist. Harmony in the relative world comes about always when these two unbalanced halves come together and unite as one.

[08.47] There you have then the natural thing in the whole of all Creation. All creations throughout the whole relative has, positive and negative. Water, ice, anything you see has positive and negative and because you see it active there, you know that there is positive and negative in it. Now you are living in this positive and negative. But you must realise this what I am showing to you. If you want to get rid of the negative, you cannot get rid of it by putting a positive in its place because you still have a negative. Because you are still living in a relative world.

[09.29] You have got to get behind the relative and see the wholeness that is manifesting through all things then you will find freedom. That is Divine reasoning.

[09.48] These are very pertinent questions and require very pertinent answers. This you must do for yourselves. The answers you make to yourselves are of the greatest value in releasing tension in your mind and body.

[10.03] There is much scientific knowledge underlying this great question and in the light of our modern scientific knowledge I want to show you how your mind really affects your body.

[10.18] We saw in the last lecture how the brain and nervous system played an important part in the effects we feel. But I am taking you one step further, tonight into the plane of super-physics.

[10.34] We saw how the cerebellum tells us how the body feels. This organ () here, is what we call if you like, the sympathetic nervous system that controls all the various functions of the body. These functions are automatic such as; the beating of your heart, your breathing apparatus, the cell structure of your body, the digesting of your food, the elimination of your food, and all the various processes of your body that are automatic in nature and controlled directly by the cerebellum.

[11.23] If then, any of these functions is out of order or is interfered with in any way, the message is sent to the cerebellum and this cerebellum tells you what is going on in the body. It tells you how you feel; how it feels, what is being done, what is being interrupted, you have a pain here, a sensation there and so forth. If you are unaware of the mechanism that is taking place, then, through your cerebrum which carries the message to your mind you become aware of your own consciousness because you are functioning through this physical organism. It is the focal point through which the invisible man is manifested.

[12.20] So you see, then you as a complete person, mind you, a person who is invisible in Nature who is in no way conditioned at all through your body. But you are conditioned when you are caught up in these feelings, when you do not understand the mechanism of the body. When you do not understand what is taking place your consciousness which in itself is not conditioned, but is conditioned when you then become confused with these sensations. Confused with these sensations your consciousness becomes caught up in the vicious circle and fear then takes place.

[13.19] But, remember this, that your consciousness is not separated in any way from the Consciousness of God because it cannot be. Because there can only be; One Consciousness, One Life, One Substance, there can be no others. There can be only One Living Entity, God Himself who creates you and Lives in you, expressing Himself. My consciousness then is in God and God’s Consciousness is in me. How can God’s Consciousness be conditioned? It is an utter impossibility! But when we are unaware of these facts then you allow these conditions to affect you and then you are conditioned. Then you create further conditions because you fear that which is taking place in your body.

[14.24] If you then could extract yourself, look at yourself, see what is taking place in your mind, in your body, discern the cause of all these things then you would be free would you not. Because you are looking at something relative to yourself. Something outside yourself. Therefore, assume this to be true, that your body is the focal point through which you are manifesting in this physical plane. That is why you live after death—so-called death.

[15.06] We have seen that there is a basic energy that is in operation throughout the great Universe. This basic energy manifests itself in three great principles, let us call them Mind, Energy and Matter.

[15.23] These are all derived from the same Source although manifesting in different forms.

[15.30] Mind, Energy and Matter originated from the same Source because all is Mind. Energy then is Intelligence in action and Matter is the result of that action.

[15.44] Science has proved to us very plainly that all matter, what we see, can be broken up into its atomic form, into that invisible form, which we don’t see. We have never seen an atom. No one has ever seen an atom. There is no microscope great enough to look at one. We discern them through electronic activity so that we understand the movement that takes place. We begin to see then how these electrons, the nucleus of an atom, and then the electrons that revolve round the nucleus of the atom creates an atom itself. This is Energy.

[16.41] But this atom could not exist at all except through the Intelligence that is guiding it and forming its action. It would be entire chaos. The whole Universe would be in chaos. Your body would be in chaos. Everything would be in chaos if it was not for that Intelligence guiding the atoms; the direction of the atoms, how they should flow, how they should come together, what the attraction should be, and so forth. That Intelligence then becomes energy itself and that energy itself becomes the manifestation of matter you see here, now. What then is the directing power of that Intelligence?— the Consciousness of course. The Consciousness that is behind all things.

[17.39] The Intelligence is the “knowing how” of the Universe. The “why” is locked up in God. The why is that prerogative that God knows, neither the angels in Heaven know it. The Master says clearly, “No one knoweth not even the son of man nor the angels in Heaven only the Father knoweth.”

[18.11] But we can see the how of things. We can see all these things taking place and we can see how we conditioned ourselves by our reactions to things, people and events and circumstances. We will then if we are caught up in these reactions, without discerning what we are doing, we then create the vicious circle, then we are caught up in our own beliefs.

[18.50] Everything we know of in this plane must have these three principles of Mind, Energy and Matter and must manifest through our physical bodies as well as in every conceivable thing in existence.

[19.05] We know now that all matter can be broken up into its atomic form invisible to the physical eye, nevertheless this is the matter that you see and feel. The atom itself is likened unto a universe in miniature, having a nucleus in the centre controlling the particles that surround it which make up the eddy or whirlpool in this unknown substance we call Mind.

[19.35] You cannot tell me what Matter is. You cannot tell me what Energy is. You cannot tell me what electricity is. You cannot tell me what Mind is. You cannot tell me what it is. But you know that it is. You can’t tell me what electricity is. You say, “That’s a Light.” Quite so. It is a light but you cannot tell me what the light is. You can say it is vibrations and I say, “Yes, perfectly true. What are vibrations? Where do they arrive from?”

[20.14] We can see the how of things but we cannot tell that which is behind all things, and that is true. You can say, “This is a table.” But I say, “I know that perfectly well. But what is a table?” You say, “Well, it’s a bit of a tree.” I say, “I know that pretty well too. But what’s a tree?”“Well it grows from the ground.” I say, “Yes,” and so forth, and you go back and back and you find that you do not know what it is at all. You only know that it is.

[20.50] So it is with Life itself. I do not know what Life is but I know that It Is. I do not know what Consciousness is but I know that It Is. I am alive, living, I must be Life. “I am the Life,” the Master said.

[21.14] If I then can see everything that is relative I can dissolve all these things away into that which is perfect in Itself, which is the fundamental principle underlying all things, then I have discerned all these things that are relative, even the positive and negative pole which belongs to man and woman. Even the positive and negative pole that belongs to everything existing in the Universe. I can discern it, see it for what it is, I know then that it is relative to me. Then I recognise truly I am behind all things. That I exist behind all the relative universe because it is open before me. Therefore, I am Eternal and must be Eternal and complete in myself and I cannot be separate from the Whole.

[22.22] In that Divine reasoning then you can see clearly and distinctly, that I, you, are made in the image and likeness of God. I do not know what it is but I know that it is!

22.44] Now let me explain briefly what science knows about the atom and its movements. Science says that the atom is like a universe having a central sun which is the nucleus. And revolving around this nucleus are particles which it has thrown off, these particles can be few or many according to the grossness of the substance which these atoms make up.

[23.12] In other words the centre becomes active and throws off particles identical to itself, yet they become negative or relative to the centre, these particles create an eddy or whirlpool in this unknown substance we call Mind.

[23.29] Science tells us that these atoms are identical to the planets that surround the sun. Relatively speaking the distance corresponds to the distance between the planets and the sun. The infinitely small and the infinitely large are in the same proportion, the same law underlies both, all within the mind of the Infinite.

[23.55] So we see that there is one law underlying all things from the beginning to the end and everything is relative to the next thing. All relative to one another.

[24.12] Einstein in his new mathematical formula, in which only scientists who have been trained in higher mathematics can understand, has proved definitely that everything is relative and that which exists in Itself as not relative to anything but everything must be relative to it. Not only that, it must be one Whole. Everything must come from one Source and there can be no other source but one. Einstein is correct in his mathematical formula as we know from our Divine reasoning as the Masters understand from their own consciousness by going back, back and back, ad infinitum seeing everything relative, that which is recognising it or discerning it. Everything that’s relative is under the control and the direction of that which is discerning it.

[25.28] Therefore I say this, if you can discern even these things that are happening in your bodies and you discern how they come about, how you react to people, events and circumstances, then you can dissolve them. You will separate yourself from them.

[25.54] To make things plainer to you, let me give you the example of ice. When we apply energy to the block of ice it turns to water, when we apply more energy to water it turns to steam, dissolving into the atmosphere as atoms known as H2O, two of hydrogen one of oxygen.

[26.16] We know then that H2O is in the atmosphere. These two gases exist in the atmosphere and these two gases come together to form all the water you see. Why is it then that ordinary water you take out of the ground? You spray the flowers, the garden with water and you say that this water you take from the ground and you spray all over the place is nothing like rain. Rain is fertilised, because rain draws other elements with it and surrounds it. As the rain comes down so it brings these elements that are in solution in the atmosphere down into the ground and fertilises the ground. That is why rain is better than all the water you can ever spray on your flowers or your garden or on your land.

[27.22] Nature has provided for everything and Nature has provided for you the finest and the greatest healing force in the world. That is within yourselves. Always ready to come into operation of its own free will when you take off the brakes.

[27.49] When you discern what you are doing. When you are relaxed properly, take the tension off your muscles and nerves, then Nature does the work. Nature has provided the finest and the only healing power in existence. She does it automatically, when you do as I say, discern what you are doing. Take the tension off your muscles and your nerves and become aware.

[28.30] It seems simple as I say it. But it is not so simple as one thinks. It requires a good deal of practice. Even to take the tension off the muscles of your body cannot be done in five minutes. It may take you months before you begin to take the tension off your muscles. But you will never take the tension off your muscles until you have become aware of what tension is. It is only when you become aware of what tension is that you can eliminate the residue of tension that remains. That is why it takes some time before you can master proper relaxation.

[29.20] Perhaps I am going too fast. I am going probably into the things that you will learn later on, but at the same time, to tell you now will enable you to understand what happens. Don‘t you think the relaxing is just throwing yourself down in bed and say, “I’m relaxed” for the simple reason you are not. All your muscles are tense. You go to sleep, you turn probably a hundred times in your sleep, you do all those sorts of things and you say that you are relaxed. Foolish people! You are not relaxed. You have not known what relaxation is.

[30.01] If I try to tell you what real relaxation is it would be like telling to a man that is born blind the beautiful colours. That is exactly what it would mean. Therefore, you cannot tell then to a person born blind what those beautiful colours are. He is only got to imagine them. But you will find these things out for yourselves. You will find how beautiful it is, it will take the tension off the muscles. You think that you are relaxed, ha, you haven’t started yet.

[30.38] Suppose you go to sleep at night and you ‘sleep’ you say but in the morning you are just as tired as you went to bed, even more so. What happens? All right, I will tell you. One set of muscles of the legs stretch the legs out, are pulling against the set of muscles that want the leg to bend. There is a continual strain, see-saw movement, going all the time in your body.

[31.04] If you lie on your back perhaps and all the time your muscles are taut. The muscles are tied to the lower portion of your back, the pelvis, they are pulling all the time. Straining those particular parts, muscles and the nerves, and cause pain. You think that you have got to get rid of that in five minutes. No you don’t. Relax! Relax and you will find that as the muscles begin to relax so the tension will take away. God does the work when you take off the brakes. You put on the brakes you have got to take off the brakes. He does not take off the brakes. He only heals you when you take off the brakes.

[31.46] They say the only way you can know when a Scotsman is dead is to go through his pockets. If he doesn’t move, he’s dead. It is just the same with a lot of people.

[32.00] Now you know that there is a well-known process of refrigeration which can reduce these atoms to form liquid called water and also to further reduce this water to form ice.

[32.14] You can neither add to nor destroy any matter that exists in the Universe. You can only change its form.

[32.25] Now these atoms that make up your body are in a like manner changed by the colour of your thoughts and emotions.

[32.34] Just as you change these atoms by refrigeration to solids from liquids and from ice to water, so forth, so they are in a like manner changed by the colour of your thoughts and emotions.

[32.51] Matter that is invisible to the physical eye is nothing more than these atoms forming into groups known as the body, and other objects.

[33.05] Therefore we see that there is Intelligence everywhere, energy everywhere manifesting in the form of matter, these interpenetrate each other causing harmony or inharmony according to the thoughts and emotions we hold.

[33.25] Your consciousness is the real you, behind and in all through. All what your consciousness is aware of so it will be unto you.

[33.37] You are the centre, the nucleoid of Life, the Creative Principle known as Consciousness. You draw to yourself these various particles of matter building innumerable cells into organs and a body, this is the Creator at work because there can be no other self or conscious self but the Infinite Self, being infinite in nature, therefore this must be so.

[34.09] Now this Intelligence, Energy and Matter which makes up your body must be at your command and must respond to you because of the Infinite nature of your inner Self or Being.

[34.24] Whatever then the Consciousness is aware of so does the atoms change. Not only does the atoms change but a person in fear can become frustrated. A person in fear can ooze water out of every portion of his body, sweat can rise from his brow. A man and a woman in sorrow can shed tears or can tremble with emotion. All these things become automatic. Think then what is happening to the atoms in your body if the whole body itself is trembling and moving like this. Think what takes place in the atomic structure of the body.

[35.18] I explained in our last lesson the wonderful organisation of the brain and nerves connecting every cell in your body carrying food and life to reach all. The food is carried through the arterial system while the Life Energy flows through the nerves. This twofold system acts as one under the control of the self.

[35.44] So you see that your physical body is a living mass of conscious combination of atoms, cells, organs, all forming a body under the control of the self or “I am.” We also see that there is an Intelligence constantly at work harmonising all these for a definite purpose.

[36.08] This Intelligence is the expression of the Infinite Self, otherwise the Will of God in operation, that we should be perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect.

[36.22] So this is the great healing power that is continually in operation which is harmony. The basis of the whole Universe is harmony. Harmony exists in the Universe as one Whole. It is outpouring all the time through your minds, through your body, through everything. If you create disharmony, it was you that creates disharmony. But immediately you discern what you are doing then there is a peace that comes into your mind, into your consciousness. Then that Intelligence which is harmony itself brings into operation.

[37.12] But you must learn the technique of how this comes about. Take the brakes off.

[37.18] Intelligence is the expression of the Infinite Self, otherwise the Will of God in operation.

[37.29] The Intelligence can be affected by our errors in thought, emotions and desire, but when relaxed and all tension taken off mind and body, this Intelligence tends to bring our mind and body back to its true state made in the likeness of its Creator.

[37.50] Therefore we suffer just as much from the ignorant violation of the law of harmony as we do from the conscious violation of this law.

[38.01] In our investigation in modern research it has been proved that man has more bodies than the physical. Sensitised photographic experiments performed in their own laboratories have proved that there is a super-physical structure which supports the physical and this super-physical emerges out of the invisible substance which makes up all things.

[38.29] We see then that the physical is an excretion, I would say, an excretion of that invisible substance that supports it and remains after you leave that excretion. That excretion then dissolves away into the substance which it came.

[38.49] Every atom in your body then begins to disintegrate. Atoms of water go to water, the atoms of soil go to soil, atoms of the various elements, that is calcium, carbon and so forth, potassium and everything go back to their own particular states. It may take some time for these atoms to pass back into their original form, but they eventually do. You will find that the physical organism that once was the out-picturing and the focal point for invisible man has passed away into the invisible substance out of which it grows.

[39.32] Again we prove what Paul says is true, “We live and move and have our being in Him.” Therefore we are part of the whole and cannot be separated from it.

[39.48] Now let us probe this question in its practical application in our daily lives. We see that there is an Intelligence working everywhere in the body, let us call this Mind. This Intelligence works from within the atoms themselves. Let us call this the mental body affected by our thoughts. Then we have what is known as the ethereal counter part affected by our emotions and in the physical we have manifestation and sensation, the action of our thoughts and emotions upon the body, the sounding-board for this activity.

[40.28] So we can see that we have, as science has proved, that man has an invisible body. A body that is invisible in Nature yet exists. Higher forms as the Masters, say that they see perfectly clearly what is taking place. A Master, thoroughly trained, can look into you and see what is taking place in the mind, in the emotional body, and in the physical body. He is trained to see beyond, as it were, the physical atoms and see the formations of your own thoughts taking place. These thoughts then affect the mental body. The emotions then stir up these particular effects in the astral body, or ethereal body, and these then are out-pictured on the physical body which is the sounding board for your thoughts and emotions.

[41.32] So the physical body is the sounding board for your thoughts and emotions. When you are caught up in the sounding board not discerning what is taking place inside then you are caught up in a vicious circle that you yourselves create through ignorance.

[41.50] Now the consciousness is the controlling factor behind all this and is the source of our thinking, the source of our emotions, the source of our desires, cravings etc., therefore how necessary it is for us to discern what the consciousness is thinking.

[42.13] The consciousness must become aware of itself and of what it is thinking. When the consciousness is turned upon itself it sees what it is doing. Therefore it discerns the thoughts, emotions, reactions, and by that you are free.

[42.36] So we see that it is necessary for us to discern what the consciousness is thinking and reacting to. If reactions are too intense an escape maybe sought through a breakdown. When you have then reactions which are too intense and you are caught up in them, you all want to escape but you cannot escape. Because they become too intense you escape then from Life, as it were, by receding away from it and that is a breakdown.

[43.21] You cannot face the world. You cannot face people. You cannot look at them. You cannot talk to them. You want to run away. You want to escape and the only way you can escape is by a breakdown and that breakdown is brought about for you so that you can escape. But when you are caught up in your breakdown do you escape? No! You are caught up in your breakdown, and you are still caught in the vicious circle. You have never escaped and cannot escape. The only way you could escape to freedom is to know the Truth about yourselves.

[44.06] Health is nothing more than your physical body responding to the perfect harmony and rhythm of the Universe, your internal organs in tune and your subtle bodies blending in vibration in accordance with your consciousness or awareness of Reality, the Source of all power, free from all conditions.

[44.30] Next week we will see how our thoughts originate and how the effects are transformed to the body. This all-important subject is so vital to you all that I want to make this course outstanding in this respect.

[44.48] “So if your whole body is light without any corner of it in darkness it will be lit up entirely as when a lamp lights you with its rays.” (Luke 11: 36.)

[45.05] A wonderful truth and the prophets of old understood.

[45.15] I often wonder how these great men got their information because when we look through their sayings we see that science is proving them every day. But I know how these prophets got their information, they got them through inspiration.

[45.45] Now inspiration may come in different ways. There are those scientists who have been struggling on earth to solve the question of the atom. To solve the question of physical matter, they have been struggling hard. Naturally it is necessary for all of us to struggle hard. Not struggle in the struggle itself but struggle in the way to observe that which is taking place. We must not struggle with struggle, that is dangerous, but we do struggle with our minds to search to find what is taking place in the mind and body and matter.

[46.37] If it was not for scientists, if it was not for teachers who understand these principles you would never learn anything about them. But as we begin to recognise and find sources of information, we find that source of information, but we do not find it out of books.

[47.00] When you go to university what do you do? You are just an imitator. Nothing more than an imitator. You imitate what other people have said before you and written down in books and you copy it out and you put it into your mind and you say that is true. But that information becomes obsolete in a few years time when new knowledge comes in and you must change your views.

[47.29] As we pass through universities, I can remember easy enough when I was young and I thought I knew a great deal when I left university, but I find now that I knew nothing at all. The most of you who have grown up, who have passed university, know perfectly well that you learn more after you have passed university than you ever did in the university. It is just as it were a preparatory ground for new knowledge and unless you are prepared to accept that and open your minds, then you will still be that individual that knows nothing.

[48.14] Intellectualism is humbug, Knowledge is Truth. So therefore try and open your minds to the greater Truth. The prophets how did they open their mind—by aspiration. I can see the prophets aspiring, opening up their minds. The body was completely forgotten, even their minds were forgotten. They forgot themselves, with an intensity of aspiration. All of a sudden the Knowledge was before them. Why? Because they entered into that State of Understanding.

[49.01] In that State of Understanding, scientists who have passed beyond the physical plane, who have seen behind the things, who are the Artificers of the Universe, who are looking on. Who are the means by which the Infinite pours through His Intelligence, creating worlds, formation of worlds, beings, animals, all through the various stages, from the very Source of things Itself, rising up into form, creating the form, and then the disintegration of that form into the substance of which it arose. These Artificers are watching carefully and seeing all these things taking place.

[49.49] As the prophet lifted up his concentration, as he forgot himself and entered into that realm, and there he saw what was taking place. He knew—he did not learn it from books. He got it from the true Source of Understanding and that is how you will also get true Knowledge. Open yourselves by inspiration. Aspire and you will find the secret of Knowledge, the Truth that will set you free.

[50.36] Benediction

Thou art the ocean, I am the liquid.

Thou art the fire, I am the flame.

Thou art the rose, I am the petal.

Thou art the Father-Mother, I am Thy offspring.

Thou art the lover, I am the loved.

Thou art the music, I am the rhythm.

Thou art the Infinite, I am the finite, one and the same.

Thy peace in me makes me at peace.

Thy joy in me makes me glad.

Thy wisdom in me makes me true.

Thy love in me makes me loving.

Thy harmony in me makes me harmonious.

Oh, Beloved, now I know we are One.



Lecture 04 The Subtle Power of Emotion (HTR)

[listen to recording]

[00.00] The subtle power of emotion. We have already seen that there is but one basic energy behind all movements, all desires, all emotions, all thought. We use this energy in any way we please. We set this energy in motion through thought, emotion, desire and in these there are many movements, which act upon the body.

[00.36] I often think that this force which we use like electricity. We condition electricity, it is an energy, but we do not know what this energy is—we call it electricity. No one has ever seen electricity but we know that it is because we can use it. We condition this electricity, through light by putting it through a generator, a wireless, X-ray, and a hundred probably a thousand different ways we can condition electricity. So do we condition this Life energy which in itself has a basic principle, unconditioned, free and natural. We condition it through emotion, desire and thought. We direct it to these particular forms that we ourselves create. Therefore, we condition Life, this Life, that is free and now.

[02.02] I like the word “movement” because it conveys the true meaning of what takes place. In every thought, every emotion, every desire, there is movement in one direction or another, according to the nature of the thought, emotion or desire.

[02.23] In every emotion and desire the thought becomes the central figure in both. Therefore it is our thoughts we must deal with if we are to express our true nature.

[02.40] All emotions and desires are mental currents. There are two different kinds of mental currents although only one force underlies both. We have the current that acts against us and the current that acts in our favour.

[Part of book, no recording] There is no limit to the numbers of emotions, let us name some: impatience, anger, hate, indulgence, jealousy, egotism, fear, selfishness, approbation, vanity, terror, dread, dismay, panic, fright etc. These act against us. Then there is the great emotion that acts in our favour, Love.“

[03.03] But the basic energy is the same. We change it, we condition it. Therefore we must learn and understand what we are doing. We find that this movement takes place in ourselves.

[03.23] We condition then this energy through our emotions, through our thoughts, through our desires. Immediately we discern what we are doing we become aware of the fact that we are conditioning this energy in different movements. These movements affect us in one way, sometimes negatively, and in another way affect us positively. Nevertheless, it is the same.

[04.04] And I always think that even if it is positive or negative movement these are experiences in our lives, and as long as we discern them and the cause of them. Even the positive and the negative are the same to us when we discern because we are neither affected by one or the other. We discern the cause.

[04.37] We discern our own conditioning of this energy and we are able then to stand and look upon it as a relative thing. These conditions are relative to you, they are relative to the individual and immediately you see that they are relative to you, then you have power over them because you discern them. But if you are caught up in the swirl of this emotion, the swirl of this desire, the swirl of your thoughts, then you are caught up in them and you are conditioned because you are bound by the condition.

[05.22] It is perfectly true that we ourselves are the creator of all things in our relative world; to our minds, to our thoughts, to our emotions, to our desires. I want you to see this clearly because unless you see this clearly then you will be caught up in these things. It is to free you from these things that I have come to show you the importance of this wonderful Truth.

[05.57] There is no limit to the number of emotions. Let us name some; you’re caught up in impatience, you’re caught up in anger, you’re caught up in hate, you’re caught up in indulgence, you’re caught up in jealousy, you’re caught up in egotism, you’re caught up in fear, you’re caught up in selfishness, approbation, vanity, terror, dread, dismay, panic, fright, etc. Because you are caught up in them they act against you.

[06.34] Then there is the great emotion that acts in our favour—which is “Love.” And that is the most extraordinary thing, that when Love is manifesting in its true nature; there is never any fear, there is never any hate, there is never any indulgence, there is never any jealousy, there is never any egotism, there is never any fear, or selfishness or approbation or vanity or terror or dread or dismay or panic or fright, when Love in its true nature (is mine). I mean “Love” not possessiveness.

[07.21] You have to pass through, of course, that state of possessiveness to understand Love, before you can arrive at that which is true (in itself). Then you stand alone. You stand above everything. In fact, true Love is seeing all the dimensions at one and the same time. Seeing every angle of it, discerning everything in its true place without being caught up in it.

[08.02] Even love in its personal sense you can be caught up in that. You can be caught up in the love of possessiveness, you can be caught up in that. But when you have this state that I am showing you, where neither any of these things can affect you, you are standing seeing all dimensions at one and the same time. You are free. You never condition Love.

[08.40] You do not condition anything because Love Itself Is and must be the primary factor, the Creative Principle behind every movement that is constructive throughout the whole Universe. Exists in the atom. Exists in the molecule. It exists in every formation. It is the binding quality. The quality that creates the perfect expression of the Infinite Creative Being. That being Infinite it must be Perfect because it is Eternal. That which is Eternal must be Infinite and that which is Eternal must be Perfect.

[09.38] Little do we know that the body is the sounding-board for all these emotions and according to their intensity so are we affected. Think of your organs making a certain sound when aroused by any of these emotions. Your heart beats faster, your breathing apparatus is checked, your sweat glands pour out liquid, your stomach turns over, your intestines rumble, your tear glands weep. If all these vibrations were to be heard by the ear it would cause a discord beyond our imagination. Yet these organs really cry out in vain for relief.

[10.23] These organs begin to talk back to the mind. These organs talk back to the mind through the cerebellum where this misbehaviour begins, where this misbehaviour has been created through your emotional habit patterns. An emotion that is continuous becomes a habit and that emotional habit pattern begins to express itself in some form throughout your organism and your body. Sometimes it changes your stomach, sometimes it changes your oesophagus, sometimes it is in your skin, sometimes it is your ears, and it can be any portion of your body for these emotional habit patterns to rest. The body becomes a sounding-board for these things. I always think it is necessary to realise that eating is also most important because you cannot put a square meal into a round stomach.

[11.42] I said to a patient of mine the other day. He came to me and he w