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Theodore Eckhart

Many years ago, when I was a teenager, I was desperately looking for an answer to my condition. I was suffering from deep depression and anxiety to the point I had a severe breakdown and no where to turn but to the traditional mental health route. This proved to be worse than the former condition because I was placed on high doses of psychiatric drugs which greatly intensified the condition. Storms of repressed emotions would try to seek escape by rising to the conscious level, but the preventative effect of the drugs hermetically sealed these feelings, causing me to sometimes run down the street in a panic state until the vibration subsided to some degree. These horrific episodes went on for a few years, and how I suffered!

Finally, one night while in my mother’s restaurant, the answer came. We were arguing back and forth on some personal matter. I shouted at her, saying “And that’s the truth!!.” And she grabbed a little red book from behind the counter and graciously handed it to me. She said with straight forward concern, “No, this is the Truth.” My first thought was…a book?? I was somewhat perplexed but knew she was giving me something to help me as she was an avid reader of great metaphysical books. My attitude warmed to her and I accepted the book willingly, though all others books she gave me up to that point did little to help me. It was a copy of Dr. MacDonald-Bayne’s book, The Higher Power You Can Use.

Within days as I read the book I became inspired by his words, I began to heal, I began to change. So rapidly was this change that it was nearly overwhelming. My body would go through cathartic weeping spells due to repressed emotions that were now systematically being released, emotions that I, in my ignorance, thought as a “man” were to be repressed and not spoken about. I now welcomed this healing process with great gratitude and relief. My body would sometimes go through profuse sweating spells until my shirt was soaked as the poisons from the accumulated drugs were being eliminated from the pores of my skin. Intuitively I was told to wean off these drugs slowly, so I would take out a given amount of the drug, close up the capsule and swallow it. This was unheard of in those days, and so it took strong faith. I decreased the amount until I was weaned off them entirely.

In the meantime, I was beginning to experience such joy and freedom as these layers of tension kept leaving me. Day by day, the joy and inspiration and healing kept flowing from out of my soul. I went to work literally singing and with such energy, focus and enthusiasm I could have easily worked a 12 hour shift and still be energized. My body took on a different appearance, a lovelier person, a calm easy to reach peaceful person, a seeking inspired person. Sometimes the joy was so intense, and so continuous that I wondered about it. I could not shut it off… this healing power kept flowing from me for months! I could write a book on the many transformational experiences I went through during this lofty period of healing. And I contribute this Healing Power greatly (if not entirely) ---enabling me to go from patient to prophet, so to speak--- to the Invisible Dr. Mac. I know he was helping me; it became obvious to me, and the change obvious to others, though so few knew the reason why.

Later on, as I desired to thank him, I learned that he had left the earth quite some time before, that he was not in the physical body when I was reading his book. This meant to me that he had gained further power to heal, that his invisible help and influence was alive and potent and guiding me through uncharted waters. Wonderfully surprising was that I connected to him on a mental level; I did what I could do and he (through the Power of God) evoked my Real Self which is perfect and did the rest…the real work of Healing.

And so I hope that you too can read Dr. Mac’s books and thereby contact his influence and power…through seeking the real Truth of Being. In the book Beyond The Himalayas there is this quote by him: “It is true that one finds what one is seeking.” May you find It, the everlasting immortal Life that exists within you NOW.

A fellow student
Theodore Eckhart

Author of The Soul is Returning Home.

Theodore Eckhart
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