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Above the mighty Himalayas there has always been a mighty Spiritual Centre, of which the physical world has never heard.  Masters are in direct communication with this Mighty Power for the upliftment of mankind. Mighty work is about to be done in your midst and you can take part in it.  The Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power has been set up for this purpose.

Sanctuaries of the Silent Healing Power have been established all over the world, in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and the mighty Himalayas, Great Britain, Holland Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy and other European countries including Russia. 

All over the earth these Sanctuaries will be working in conjunction.

This healing essence can be felt as it is received and expressed out again.  The sick have been healed and, the unhappy have been uplifted and all needs have been supplied.  Special times are necessary for receiving this wonderful power in conjunction with the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power. 

Special help is given to those who ask for it, those in sickness, distress, unhappiness, and want, doubt and confusion of mind.  All in need can apply for this help which is given freely.  Help us to charge the atmosphere with this power of Love, Wisdom and Healing and soon all adverse influences will begin to dissolve away.

Our old system of thought will be discarded and the angelic consciousness in man will unfold to reveal the existence of the eternal ever-present infinite life immanent in mankind, dissolving all separateness, all antagonisms, hates and possessiveness which is the root of all sickness in mankind the Temple of the Living God.  A great angelic spiritual centre is now beginning to express to the world a spiritual essence of thought vibration and upliftment and silent healing power, the rays of which cover the earth.

Murdo Macdonald Bayne, when in the Himalayas with the Masters made contact with these great Angelic Forces (call it the Christ Power if you wish).Others call it by other names but it is the great one Infinite Light and Love that surrounds the earth being directly mediated to earth through the medium of the Solar Angels.  This one Power is linked up in every living soul on earth and is the only Source of our being though few are aware of it.  By our conscious awareness to it we open ourselves up to it and by our acceptance of it, it expresses itself through us, we become God’s channel for the unfoldment of this Angelic Power latent in all.

God is the only living Being there is and you and you live because he lives silently within you and becomes active in your life immediately you become aware of Him.

The atmosphere surrounding the earth is permeated with thoughts, thoughts of sickness, hate, jealousy and antagonism between individuals, groups and nations.

Ignorant man is continuously reacting to this thought atmosphere and by doing so not only adds to it but is drawing these conditions upon himself and herself according to the attitude of mind they hold, creating more misery for themselves and others.

Fear rules the heart of most men and women, everyone is afraid of something and few trust each other.  Confidence has disappeared and mankind is divided against itself.  Although we are all linked up in the great Angelic Stream of Life which is Love, Wisdom and Healing, yet the mind of man is not receptive to it because he has never felt it or become aware of it, being ruled by the emotion of fear and by other influences that surround him, but our work will definitely help to change this. 

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Murdo MacDonald-Bayne.

How to Tune in to this Mighty Force

(Dr Mac explains how)

Now let me explain to you the state required so that you can join in the receiving and expressing of this Mighty Force that will revolutionize the thinking of mankind.

The mind must be removed from disturbances, steady, light and glad, open to this Power that will free the Life in all its beauty and loftiness.  This will become more evident to you as you tune in at the specific times advised in this communication.


You must endeavour to get rid of the habit of invasion of troubling thoughts, wrong feelings such as envy, jealousy, anger, reaction to things, people, circumstances and the confusion of ideas about the various religions, philosophies and systems that cling to the mind.


You must not struggle with these things, for you will note that this makes things worse and as you discern deeply you will see that these things matter little because they are relative to you and have no power except the power you give them, for Life (Love and Wisdom) is free and natural and is not affected by any of these things or conditions and it is with this life alone we are concerned and nothing else, It being the only reality. If you struggle with thoughts and wrong movements that come to you from outside you make them your own and this only further disturbs the nature and makes it look more difficult for the Force to work.


To be a real help in the expression of this Divine Power your mind must be quite and at peace so that the Force can be received and expressed in its true nature – Love and Wisdom


You will observe that these instructions supersede all other systems or studies of the past, even the studies of the art if the mind does not compare with it, neither can you compare it with any form of meditation you have tried.  Neither is it that vacant state of mind that most people engage in for this allows the mind to open to all the influences of the thought atmosphere that surrounds you.  It does not matter to what religion or sect you belong, it is this one Power that acts through all even if most people are blind to it.  To be a real channel you must study these instructions and try to grasp their full and deeper meaning.  The state required is a state of awareness, alertness, with the mind calm so that nothing can disturb it.  The mind is then not ruffled or agitated; if activities come from outside there is no reaction to them and these pass across the mind leaving no trace, as I explained in one of my lectures, like a flight of birds crossing a windless sky.  Even if the most violent events take place outside there remains that indestructible peace, that peace that passes all understanding, that peace of the Christ within.  In this state you will be in tune with that Angelic Power of Love, Wisdom and Healing and you will be of real service to the world.


You must not try to give this Angelic Power a mental form nor add anything to it but remain calm, composed, unexcited, impersonal.  It certainly means not only a presence but “THE PRESENCE.”  You need not try to define it or turn it into an image of The Presence for this Presence in its nature is “Infinite.”  What It has to manifest of Itself or out of Itself It will do inevitably by Its own power when there is sustained acceptance by you.  Many will feel the thrill of the Mighty Power pouring through them and this of itself is ample reward for it leaves its Presence with you.  It is impossible to imagine the great benefits you yourself will derive for it fulfils every personal need as well.

Now let me explain to you the times when you can take part in the broadcasting of this Angelic Power for the benefit of all mankind.  The most important time of the day is 12 o’clock noon when the sun is at its meridian and every three hours afterwards are suitable times, such as 12am, 3pm, 6pm, 12pm, 3am, 6am, and so round the clock daily.  It is not necessary for you to engage in all these times, the times most suitable to you for a few minutes wherever you may be is all that is necessary.  This is also the time for all throughout the world.  You will note that as the earth revolves and as the work will cover the whole earth, there will be a continual flow of the Divine Power moving around the world.  There will be no time when this Love and Wisdom will not be dissolving away the chaotic atmosphere created by mankind.  At the same time mankind will receive the Angelic Power in his or her own heart and mind to make it his or her own.  Thus your work will be the greatest blessing that has ever been offered to the world, for the Christ can live again in the hearts of man and woman.


May this Love and Wisdom of our Glorious, Indescribable, Adoring Loving Father-Mother-God and the light of his Mighty Angels surround you in your great and glorious work.

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