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How to Relax and Revitalise Yourself: Expanded Definitive Edition (Lecture Notes 1950)

With this series Murdo was giving "a practical and sure way to eliminate all nervous tensions and inhibitions that strangle the physical organism and blunt the mind-heart." It includes a 10 step programme in the technque of Scientific Relaxation. The following lectures were given in Pretoria, South Africa, between 11th April and 19th December 1950. The lecture notes which were given out prior to the nightly lectures, were later subsequently released in full with some minor changes as the book known today as "How to Relax and Revitalise Yourself" (1952). A full account of these lectures combining the lecture notes and a transcription into text of the 26 known sound recordings has never been made public until now. This edition is now the definitive version of the Inner Course as given by Murdo to his South Africa students.

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