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Corrie Straub

When I knew Dr. Mac he lived in Johannesburg where he gave classes in the Women's Club premises. Once a week he would come over to Pretoria where I lived, and give classes in the Women's Club premises every Tuesday night. He would consult people who needed healing, also on Tuesdays, at a private house in Hatfield behind the Hillcrest swimming pool in South Street. At the end of each Course, which would last a couple of weeks Dr Mac would have an Open Lecture where anyone interested was welcome. Once the new Course had started, his lectures were not open to the public.

He always used to tell us that we never chose him. He chose us. He was a Master of various Occult Sciences but the main one was Pranayama which meant he could control circumstances. Apparently he used to put his foot flat on the accelerator of his black Jaguar motor car when traveling between Pretoria and Johannesburg. There were never any obstacles in his way. It was never necessary to ask him a question. He knew exactly what everybody's problem was. At the beginning of each lecture he would give the answers to people's problems. One of his favourite sayings was “Take off the brakes and let God do the work”. At the beginning of each Lecture he would hand out typed notes on the subject that he was going to discuss. These cost 2/6d. At the end of each lecture he would stand at the door of the hall and shake hands with everybody as they went out. He always used to say that everything he was teaching us could be found in his various books.

On one occasion he was explaining how to draw spiritual energy and project it into the physical world. He then just stood there and demonstrated what he was saying and I found myself pushed way outside my body. I later discovered that this was because the spiritual energy was too great for me to stand and I had to keep my distance to prevent being overwhelmed.

On one occasion Dr. Mac gave us a slide show of what he had seen in Tibet through whom Jesus the Christ could speak. Later Jesus gave 14 lectures during his travels. In Tibet he was trained specifically to act as a medium through Dr Mac at the Women's Club in Johannesburg. These lectures were recorded, word for word, and can be read in the book "Divine Healing of Mind and Body. The Master Speaks Again". Dr. Mac told us that his books will become the Bible of the New Age and that South Africa will be the new
Spiritual Centre of the World. Tibet was the previous Spiritual Centre of the World."

Corrie Straub
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