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Pam Mutch

It was, as it turned out my very good fortune to come across the works of Dr MacDonald Bayne, or Dr Mac as he is known affectionately by those who knew him and those, like me, who came across his valuable life's work.
I had been studying the metaphysical side of things for about 10 years before the good Dr popped into my life, quite unexpectedly and changed everything for me.

I was a member of one of the many 'spiritual' message board's at the time and a link was given to Dr Mac's website by one of the members. Most often I didn't bother too much about these links, as they all seemed to have the same kind of writings and articles on them. But this was different as I found out when I clicked on the link that was Lora Mendel's original Dr Macdonald Bayne website.

I started reading the bio of Dr Mac, and soon was intrigued by this Scottish gentleman and what he was saying. It was a while later that I downloaded his two books, Beyond the Himalayas and The Yoga of the Christ Consciousness. Previously I had bought from Lora' site, Divine Healing of Mind and Body, it was par excellence. I couldn’t put the book down, and so this superb introduction led to more of his books, I Am the Life, and others. What I learned from Dr Mac's books have made a lasting impression on me, and have answered many of the questions which puzzle us regarding the nature of God, and the laws pertaining to life. To expand for a moment. In September 2003 I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in my bladder. I was to go into hospital for an operation to remove this tumor. I went in knowing it was not my body, and found I could detach myself, my emotions of fear which would normally rear their heads under such circumstances, but not this time, because I knew, that I was more than the body and as Dr Mac tells us, we are not the body but Spirit incarnate. Hence the operation went smoothly and all was well. Two years on the tumor has not returned and I just know that it won’t ever return, such is the power of Dr Mac's teachings and yes, I see him as my mentor, my teacher par excellence. Who could rightly ask for anything more!!

Pam Mutch
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