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During his stay with us in South Africa, Dr Mac once or twice spent a holiday in the United Kingdom and it was therefore no surprise for his students when in 1954 he announced his intention to go to England for six months to visit his family. The intention was to return in early 1955.
So it was that in London he gave two wonderful lectures which were his last, on the 21st and 22nd of February 1955, at Caxton Hall. He was still devoting up to 19 hours a day to spiritual duties, healing work and writing.
On the 26th of February 1955, while returning from a show with his sister, Mrs. Chisholm, Dr Mac died of a heart attack in a taxi in London.
Strangely enough he had written and sent out his usual Monthly Letter throughout the world to all students, followers and patients.
His legacy to the world was his dynamic teachings of Truth. Read his books, his lectures, listen to his recordings, and you will learn much of the secrets of the Masters.
In his straightforward and enlightened manner he demonstrated profound knowledge of humanity's imperfect struggles to gain more understanding of themselves and of life. He gave of himself unstintingly to all. Through him the Love and Wisdom, as demonstrated to us by Jesus the Christ, was adapted now to the thinking of new generations, the New Age.
A brief physical description of him is as follows. He was of medium height, about 5 ft. 7 inches, well built with broad shoulders, a rather round face, clean shaven with a pencil-thin moustache, and even though he went through life with the use of only one blue-grey eye, you could feel the tremendous power of his piercing gaze. Always smiling, ready to crack a good joke, he was easy to approach and full of life, relaxed, yet forceful in his talks. He never looked more than 45 years of age and yet in fact he was nearing 70.
He was a gifted medium and was at all times in contact with the best mediums of his day in the world, most especially in England, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
During his healing ministry the Doctor aided thousands by his wisdom and practical guidance, and his remarkable control of spiritual forces was such that he consciously made full use of his powers to fulfil the purpose of his earthly mission. Many patients reporting from New Zealand, Australia and a host of other countries, stated that Dr Mac would appear at their side or at the foot of their bed and they immediately felt an improvement in their condition.
For us, his pupils, he remains our 'Master.' Often he said to us, "I have chosen you, you have not chosen me."
With sincere study and application of his teachings we shall be able, each one of us, to reach the goal set for all, the 'Kingdom' within. By consciously changing one's life inwardly, one can learn to become a clearer channel through which will flow the great spiritual forces of Life - the Love, Wisdom and Power of the Infinite God Our Father.
Go in peace my friends, enjoy your studies, and they will fill your heart with a love beyond human concept. It is the Christ-love of God and Man.

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