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South Africa

He was guided once again to go back to South Africa and one of his former students, Mr. Andrew Hutt, formally introduced the Doctor to public gatherings in Johannesburg and Pretoria around 1944. It was here he expanded his College of Universal Science and the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power, and in no time he became very well-known, lecturing twice a week, in Johannesburg on a Thursday and in Pretoria on Tuesdays, continuing in his healing work daily as well as constantly writing.
His monthly letters (The Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power) were sent out worldwide, bringing much help and guidance to many. It was in the mid-1940s that his talks began to be preserved on wire recordings of which there are over one hundred still in existence.
No one was ever refused help and many are they who can vouch for his powers of healing, even at a distance. He would appear at the bedside of a person who had asked for help, for he was able, as said before, to leave his body at will and appear at any place where needed. With the help of his spiritual teachers and the Masters of Tibet he did achieve some remarkable cures, some will say 'miraculous healings'.
In many of his lectures Dr Mac would break the tension by telling a joke or some amusing anecdote from his experiences. One incident he related was of a man one day who came to see him and complained about the pains in his knees.
"Can you bend your knees?" asked Dr.Mac.
"No," said the patient, "and I cannot pray anymore."
"Why? Do you kneel to pray?" he asked.
"Yes, and now I cannot pray... But how do you pray if you do not kneel?" inquired he.
"My life is a constant prayer," replied Dr Mac.
Dr MacDonald-Bayne's teaching, based on the words of the Christ, is simplicity itself - the knowing of the self, the knowing of the laws of creation, and the freeing of the mind from all conditioning and limitation.
When we free the self, we find Peace within, and then reality manifests. Therefore, our understanding and relationship with others is the first step, then comes the realization that we can never be separated from Reality which is Life, God, the Creator.
He related cause to effect and then gave us the key to the solution of all our difficulties, which is to become consciously aware of our Real Self, at one with Infinite Reality, I and my Father are One.
He told us that after his death and a period of inactivity his teachings, books and recorded lectures would spread throughout the world. This appears to be what is happening now - a revival!
Dr Mac gave his lectures in Johannesburg at Escom House where an average of 250 people attended weekly. It was there that he gave the series of talks in 1948, presented in his book "Divine Healing of Mind and Body" (The Master Speaks Again), during which he was overshadowed by the Master.
In Pretoria he started lecturing at the Jewish Memorial Hall on Beatrix Street and moved later to the Hall at the Women's Club where the new Sanlam Centre is today, at the corner of Andries and Pretorius streets. There were about ninety pupils then.
During his lectures in Pretoria he would stand and ask us to be still, and as we watched his whole appearance changed. He became taller and a light would surround him. His face changed as well. Some of the pupils said afterwards that it was the face of Jesus which appeared. It seemed that each one of us, according to his sensibility, saw someone take over; definitely his stature and face did change and the light was certainly not the normal lighting in the hall, for it was a light emanating from the body of Dr Mac himself.
Dr MacDonald-Bayne was a wonderful man, a great teacher and a very humble healer, using the tremendous healing powers vested in him for the good of all, applying spiritual, mental and sometimes physical means to achieve the best results. He was a pioneer of homeopathic treatment in South Africa.

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