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The College of Universal Science- Beginnings

Dr Mac started his Healing Campaign and toured some 23 countries giving lectures wherever he went as his mission was to teach and heal. At this early stage his teaching was more psychologically oriented, based on the theory that what you want and visualize you will get even if it is not suitable for your development. This attitude changed later after sojourns in India where he studied and mastered yoga, becoming proficient in the practice of deep breathing. Some of these exercises are given in his books and described in his recorded lectures.
The College of Universal Science was started in Manchester, England during the 1930s where he taught metaphysics. Some of the original lectures he gave there have come to light in recent years and have been published in Canada (1984) by L. Mendel, titled, "The Supreme Power Course" (A Course of 22 Lessons) and this is available to the public.
One day when in Edinburgh attending a seance he received a message to "Go to Johannesburg," where he was to do much spiritual work. He was then accompanied by his sister, Mrs Chisholm, who kept house and took care of him, his wife and children remaining in England.
When he came to Johannesburg and Cape Town it must have been somewhere in the late 1930s, for he taught and started a Healing Centre in Cape Town around that time.
It was prior to this stage that Dr Mac was given a spiritual message urging him to "Come to Tibet”. His devotion, his relentless desire to know and find the Truth, the purpose of his being here on earth, developed in him a deep spirituality. So when the message came he left immediately, journeyed through India and reached the Himalayas.
If you read his books, "Beyond the Himalayas" and its sequel, "The Yoga of the Christ" you will find details of his experiences and travels in Tibet, of spending time in study and practice of the higher spiritual instructions which he received from living Masters and which formed the foundation for his later teachings.
He travelled many miles through rugged Tibetan terrain, visiting lamaseries where he witnessed extraordinary feats and demonstrations of both a spiritual and physical nature. He developed his talents of telepathy and learned to leave his body at will, mastered pranayama and acquired a profound knowledge of the Eternal and Everlasting Life through meditations of several days' duration.
Upon his return to the so-called civilized world Dr Mac resumed his travels, establishing further centres in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. Even today there are people in various countries who still remember his talks and healing sessions.

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