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The Life of Dr Murdo MacDonald-Bayne

Source: Paul Troxler and Lora Mendel
The student of Truth, having read some of Dr MacDonald-Bayne's books and heard his recordings, would naturally wish to know more about the man who gave to the world so much wisdom, and in such simple language showed us how to apply the Law of Creation, the Law of Life.
You must realize how difficult it is for one of his students and followers to describe what type of man he was for the simple reason that during the time he was with us in South Africa and throughout his teachings he always urged us not to make an idol of him, not to set him apart or put him on a pedestal.
"Dr Mac" as we still call him, taught us not to look at the physical being but to see the reality within every human being, for this invisible, spiritual reality is our true identity.
Hopefully this article may help to give a glimpse of the man often referred to as "Master" by his pupils and students.

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