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Dr MacDonald-Bayne's teaching

About the Books

Dr Mac was very specific about how his material was to be released. His lectures, given in serial form, followed the ancient method of teaching or transmission of knowledge from master to disciple a method used by both Western and Eastern Mystical traditions. The format was one of a spiral system, always returning to a subject or point, but each time revealing a bit more and advancing to another level in awareness. Murdo stressed repetition of re-reading his books or lectures to his students. He stated, “The style adopted in these Lectures is intentional and the repetitions are deliberate. The double object is to convey the Truth to the mind. It is through this unique form of wording and of repetition that the student is able to grasp the reality that is invisible and which is the basis of the visible. When we understand the invisible we are more able to understand the visible….. I trust that you will progress thorough these Lectures diligently, quietly and slowly. Repeat the process as often as you can. The more often one reads, the more one begins to understand.”

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