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These blogs are based on the lectures and writings of Dr Murdo MacDonald-Bayne MC PhD DD affectionately known by his readers as Dr Mac.

Dr. Murdo MacDonald Bayne
Dr. Murdo MacDonald Bayne

Dr Mac, Founder of the College of Universal Science, was born in Scotland in 1887 and served in the

Great War (WW1) where he was awarded the Military Cross. He travelled the world extensively teaching the Truth of the Law of Being and healing thousands of people of all kinds of illnesses. His travels included long periods of time with the true Masters of the Tibetan Himalayas where he received true enlightenment. From 1944, Dr Mac resided in South Africa where he gave weekly lectures to invited audiences in Pretoria and Johannesburg. During a visit to England in 1955,

he passed over suddenly in London.

Many of his lectures were sound recorded. These lectures were transcribed and along with his writings have been published into a library of some 15 books.

According to Dr Mac “Death is not the end by any means but the true beginning of the Spiritual Life.” In fact he taught that we are already living in the spirit while living this earthly life. We are spiritual beings in human bodies rather than the other way around. Our spiritual existence is the true reality. As spiritual beings, we are already living in eternal life. Therefore, when our spirit leaves our body it does not die; it moves on to the next experience which is in the “psychic” body. This psychic body existed in the physical body and was attached by a “life line”. At so-called death, the life line is severed and the psychic body is freed.

Existence in the psychic body on the first and second astral planes is an interim stage before your spirit moves into a truly spiritual state of living. Your spirit will stay in the psychic body until you shed your earthly desires and come to terms with, and learn from all your earthly experiences. It is in this stage that spirits can communicate with mediums on earth. If their passing is violent and sudden, such earthbound sprits may initially remain so closely connected to the physical realm that they appear as ghosts. However, as soon as they become aware of their consciousness and their new condition, the ghost disappears.

The first and second astral planes are those nearest the earth. The first is the underworld psychic plane and those from the underworld of the earth will spend the longest here. They will suffer a burning

remorse for their actions on earth and the desire to do better.

The psychic body always takes on the features and characteristics of the physical, and as Jesus was still aware of what He went through on earth, His hands and feet still bore the marks of the Cross when He appeared to his disciples in his psychic state. The first to see Him after his passing was Mary. His form was initially unfamiliar to her, being more of a transparent nature. But when He called her name, His form grew more distinct and familiar, and she recognised His features.

In the second astral plane we will still find people leading lives similar to those on earth with different dogmas and creeds, because their consciousness has not yet expanded to reject separation and embrace the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. It is clear to see that the presence of these two astral planes have given rise to erroneous religious concepts of hell. But they are for those who do not learn enough on earth, especially about love and the other teachings of Christ, and still need to receive tuition from spiritual teachers from the higher p

lanes. The comforting thought is that even the worst of us are not condemned forever in a burning abyss from which there is no escape. The desire to advance and to expand the consciousness is created in the minds of those on the lower planes so that they are gradually lifted into a higher realm of consciousness. It supports the Bible’s assertion that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Chris is Lord – eventually.

When the spirit moves from the two astral planes (which Dr Mac calls the second death), the past becomes lost in oblivion, and you move on to the third plane, known as Paradise.

The two thieves on the Cross were of different types. One was a thief because he stole a loaf of bread to feed his child

ren, and the other was a robber and murderer who killed for what he could get. Jesus could see the good in the first man and told him “you will be in Paradise with Me this very day.” The second man would remain in the astral planes (Hades) until such time as he purified himself.

As Dr Mac describes, it is in this third plane that you glimpse that all is one, and one is all; there is no separation, no denominations and no creeds. It is the beginning of understanding of one Fatherhood and one Brotherhood. Different nationalities and races live as brothers and sisters. They know that there is but one life, one God, one Father and all are His children.”

In the fourth plane (Understanding) we learn more about the Truth and begin to use the Power of God within us. We become joyful workers in God’s universe and we progress further into the fifth plane (Intuition). You are able to understand more and more of God, more of His glory and more of His universe. Your consciousness expands to take more of it in.

You progress to the sixth and eventually the seventh plane, which are the true spiritual planes, culmin

ating with love, wisdom and power. You become one with God as a drop of water melds into the ocean. You will be, literally, in seventh heaven. From perfection you have come, and to perfection you will return.

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Thanks, Alan. I like on this subject Lesson 3 in "The Higher Power You Can Use" (1938) and Lecture 2 in "Cosmic Consciousness - Your Silent Partner" (14th August 1947). I also find Lecture 6 in "Cosmic Consciousness - Your Silent Partner" (14th September 1948) very illuminating.


Thank you Alan. This is a most incredible summary of our awakening in Spiritual Life. Please send more of your writings, so that we all may have the opportunity to learn more of our life within the Fatherhood of God, and the Brotherhood of man.


Daisy and David


Thank You Alan!

We are the Fortunate who are held in wondrous regard to have been led to plumb the depths of Dr Mac's Christ-given understanding.

Understanding is pouring out from the FOUNTAIN of LIVING LIFE. When we TAKE IT our thirst.. to drink the blessing it contains, we will have it flowing out of us uninterruptedly.... and our thirst has a forever quenching.... from HIM ...who established ( MADE) us... EVERLASTINGLY AND WITHOUT DESPERATION and SIN consciousness.


Come back whenever you can !


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