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Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

It is a wonderful joy that these works have now returned to South Africa, after being in New Zealand for the past 18 years and enduring a long conversion from recordings and notes into Books and eBooks.

The College of Universal Science now has eighteen books and is perhaps the most comprehensive set of books on “Truth” and “Truth of Being” ever collated. These books were written in the mid 1940’s and 1950’s and contain ancient knowledge and wisdom on the Science of Life.

Dr Murdo MacDonald-Bayne a Scotsman, spent 10 years in South Africa, teaching a small group of people lessons on Truth that he had gained throughout his life, but mostly of what he learned from a sojourn to Tibet, where he met great Masters who through generations had gathered and passed down Spiritual knowledge and understandings.

Dr MacDonald-Bayne, or Dr Mac, as he was affectionately known in South Africa, said that he was merely the bearer of these wonderful lessons, and did not claim any of the knowledge or status related to the information he shared with the small group of South African’s that attended his weekly lectures in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Dr Mac died in 1955, but before his passing said that these lectures would remain dormant for a space of time, and then would be made available to the world. In the 65 years that have now passed, the recordings and notes were held by a gentleman called Harry Knowles (and a handful of others including Clothide Scheffer, Corrie and Margaret Straub, Paul Straub, and Louise Wade), and in the year 2002 a publisher from New Zealand, Kenrick Finlayson of Mystica, came to South Africa to fetch all the material he could find. Kenrick (and Bruce Hogarth) then spent the next 18 years converting the recordings and notes into books, and creating the College of Universal Science website, where the books are made available in electronic and print formats.

In 1996 I had the great joy of being introduced to one of the books Dr Mac had written called Divine Healing of Mind and Body. I immediately became a fan of these teachings, and since have been a student at the College of Universal Science. My passion drew me to meet and learn from Harry Knowles, who died in 2006 at the age of 96 years. Harry was the last survivor of Dr Mac’s group of students and continued providing lessons on the work for 50 years after Dr Mac’s passing. Daisy (my wife) and I helped to find and collate the recordings and notes that Kenrick came to fetch, and so we have been part of this pioneering drive to help preserve and make these books available to the world for the past many years.

Kenrick is now 71 years old, and has now completed his life’s work of putting these recordings and notes into books and is enjoying his remaining time on earth in the comfort of knowing that he completed the work he set out to do.

Kenrick has graciously passed his life’s work back to South Africa, the place where the knowledge was first shared, and is now held in the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power Trust, from where it will be made available to all seekers of Truth today, and for all future generations.

As Trustees of the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power, we feel it a great privilege to hold and make available these wonderful teaching for the world to enjoy and learn from, and to help people discover their authentic selves and understand better their relation to the whole of Life and humanity.

David White October 2020

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Hello Daisy!

It is wonderful to hear another's voice as we travel together on a journey without end. Dr Mac came to us before the world arrived at its darkest pinnacle of mass mind control and deadly distribution of technically developed population control under minds wanting the Earth and all thats in it for their own ego's possession. Dr Mac may not have seen it in its entirety of threats but his Tibetan teachers along with other sons of light, KNEW what lay in the darkness ahead for humanity to face with only the dogma and fear for their nourishment as the wolves joined together in a pact to devour living spirits in our helplessness.

I was fortunate t…

Replying to

Hello Eddie

How fortunate you have been to have been reading Dr Mac's teachings for over 50 years. My husband David and I have been reading and learning Dr Mac's books for 30 years, and we are so grateful and humble to have access to this knowledge passed on from the Great Masters to him, and that it has been made available for all those that seek it. Our first book was Divine Healing of Mind and Body, and after studying it all these years, we have realised that the more we take to it, the more we learn and grow, and are able to realise our True Expression. We were very fortunate and blessed to be given the rig…


Bjorgi. You can find the Word of Creation here:




Try reading The Yoga of the Christ.

You can download it free here:

T man, Eddie


Bjorji, Have you read the Yoga of the Christ, yet?


I am having difficulty ( age 75) navigating your website. I need prayer requested and havent gotten any email response up to now.

My log in confirmation went to my spam box. I dont like using AOL but thats what I have.

Am I now connected by email to the website staff?


A long time Dr Mac student with a collection of his many writings. 😉

Replying to

Hello Eddie

Welcome to our website. I am sorry for the delay in our reply. We have put you on the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power register for healing. You can send me an email on and we can communicate by email.


Daisy White

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